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    physics-what happened to it

    personally i'm not complaining about an easy paper :)
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    Well that was a load of crap...

    read my response :P
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    think harwood is bad.... we had Ted Hughes.... argh, that was awful.
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    Well that was a load of crap...

    and ohmic resistance = R * I^2 thus lower current = lower energy loss to heat
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    actually ext1, but i've made an effort to forget all of it.... i couldn't be bothered playing around with it until i got something resmbling the other one :) plus i've gotta cram for economics and ext history - same day exams suck
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    but thats not in the syllabus... :)
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    Did Anyone Get Confused By The Wording Of The Time Dilation Question

    but he can't go back to earth, cos that would mean he would have to decelerate, and we all know that cos its a special relativity question there is no acceleration. the astronaut will look at the clock on earth, and see time dilation, as in less time has occured. AT THE SAME TIME an...
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    does sqrt((1+v/c)/(1-v/c)) = the formula we had..? tV = tO sqrt(1-(v/c)^2) i think the prof is using a different formula?
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    tonkin question was great, allowed you to write from the geneva accords all through diem, and the buildup there, to Tonkin etc, and finishing off with Tet, which commenced the start of the downfall in US numbers.
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    Time Dilation EXPLAINED, read this before you argue in the other thread

    the question specifically asks to view the earth's clock from the spaceship. Time diliates in both frames (which is the paradox thing, no need to go into it) so the answer has to be less than 10 years. This is only from the perspective of the ship tho, not the perspective of a 3rd party on earth