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    General Thoughts - English Adv Paper 2

    Thanks Platinum for the heads up on the powerplay module... now I don't feel worried about using the two texts. Yaaaay!
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    General Thoughts - English Adv Paper 2

    It's always been three essays, but that's why I expected them to throw in a random text type. They did for Standard, so I'm surprised they didn't for us. And the powerplay thing shocked me... I did the same, Platinum. I knew I wouldn't have enough to say, or enough detail, if I only used one of...
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    Haha, good point. There's one guy at our school who uses a computer because his writing is so bad. And another guy, the best student in our grade, double spaces his writing to make it easier to read because it's not very neat... so if anyone's wondering how to make it easier to read for the...
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    Advance Paper 2 - Thoughts

    Hear, hear.
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    Module A - In the Wild

    I actually liked this question, although I did different texts to most of you. My school does Wordsworth's poetry and David Malouf's An Imaginary Life. My prepared essay was structured in three themes, which worried me when I saw we had to talk about TWO differences. I thought initially that...
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    General Thoughts - English Adv Paper 2

    Hmmm a few people have said they don't understand how some people can write so much, make it into the second booklet, etc etc. It IS just the size of your writing. My answers were 13, 12 and 12 pages, but when I'm trying to write really fast it becomes spaced out and I only fit about five words...
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    Module B - King Lear

    Re: King Lear Module B Hahaha. When I read that, I was thinking Paper 1, and remembered each section is out of 15. So I thought you were like "Oh my highest out of 15 was only 15"...hahaha. Oops. I think I did okay in Paper 2. It was the comprehension on Friday that worries me. It'll be very...
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    I think i stuffed up section 2!!!

    LOL at jkun23. I love you ashleypage. And Gosford, I think you'll be fine, as everyone is saying. It's definitely an inner journey, and the markers will see that. Does your name refer to your school, by the way? I go to Gosford.
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    Module B - King Lear

    Re: King Lear Module B I'm in agreement with bec007. At my school we do Citizen Kane, rather than King Lear, but we had the same question on 'intense human relationships'. But most of the themes we dealt with in questions were related to power or the American Dream, relationships wasn't really...
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    Where are we all up to?

    ive done... 2100 words. 3900 to go,then the reflection statement. im so behind...its awful.
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    Europe, April '07

    Oh ok. Yeah we're only at Bangkok airport for 90 mins... well that's the schedule anyway. I know we fly into Rome at 6.30am,and then have a 3 hour bus trip to the hotel. Apparently there won't be time for showers on our arrival there,so I'm thinking I should at Bangkok.I have no idea what time...
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    the diary!!

    Really?? I haven't heard that, should find out. Hopefully someone knows the answer and will post it...
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    2007ers - What do you want to do after the HSC?

    I was thinking France, because I know a little bit of the language... but I don't really know. You?
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    Assessment Marks/Ranks so far

    We have Legal Studies teachers who just want to give us the marks... if you include everything, you get the marks right there. It's good... but in some ways it's bad, it makes it hard to differentiate. But still... Then in other subjects, like someone just said, you fulfill all requirements...
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    How was your school day?

    I had my first HSC Half Yearly... it was for Ancient. Feeling pretty good about it. My day was good considering I knew I wouldn't be setting foot in the school grounds again until Thursday, for my next exam. Yay!
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    Subjects you wish you DID do

    French Beginners... I did the equivalent of that course in years 9 and 10, so to keep going I had to do French Continuers. I knew it was going to be difficult for me (with my lack of work ethic) to keep up with the students who'd actually been to France on exchange, so I dropped it altogether. I...
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    Yeah, the bog bodies are a great example. Some names I remember from studying that topic are... Tollund Man and Yde Girl. I'm unsure of the details though, look them up and see what you can find. There'd be heaps on Egyptian mummification rituals.
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    What is your all time favourite book?

    :) I know, I read aaall the time... and I always have- too much to be restricted to one main genre... I just love everything. Although not much sci-fi... I worked at the Top Bookshop, it's quite small, privately owned in my area... I would LOVE to work at Borders! It'd be so awesome... gosh...
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    Help needed with a girl

    I agree... with basically everyone else. There are two reasons this love of yours is with her boyfriend. One, she's with him to make you jealous. But if she's as awesome as you think she is, surely this isn't possible. And even if it was true, it shows that she's possibly not very nice after...
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    Europe, April '07

    Hello! Just wondering if there's anyone from James Ruse going on the Academy Travel tour to Italy, France and Belgium these holidays? I'm from Gosford, and our schools are going together. And also, if anyone has any idea about how cold it's going to be in those places, please let me know! It's...