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    How'd You's Go?

    I loved australian drama (the doll) i thought that was the easier of the two, but absurdism (Waiting for godot) was a little harder. what was that question on about. I still got a booklet filled, but it is a booklet of endless nothings, quite like absurdism! you could say my essay was a form...
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    What essays did you choose out of the three

    don't tell me that! that isn't good, i didnt think they deducted marks for that! but what if it is useful, i do have big writing though, so i think that is how i filled my booklets
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    The NZ question

    I have to agree, that was very easy that question, YAY more pts for us!! woo hoo
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    What essays did you choose out of the three

    i know! i filled two booklets, i couldn't stop writing!! well it is good to know that other ppl found it not too bad!
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    What essays did you choose out of the three

    Just wanted to know if anyone chose the first essay, cos i did and i loved it. I chose NT and TAS, cos i had been to TAS it was a bit easy and NT everyone knows bout alice and uluru. I also did the communication one which i think i blabbered on about. what did you guys do???
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    I found it hard

    So did i, i had time left over. Compared to the previous HSC it wasnt that bad. What did you think of the Short Answers? i thought they weren't that bad...
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    Multi choice

    1D 2C 3A 4B 5A 6B 7C 8A 9B 10B 11D 12C 13D 14C 15D hope this helps, feel free to change any, coz i am probably very wrong, i did them in about 10 mins they were really easy, i thought neways
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    The NZ question

    There was Bay of Islands, Auckland, Wellington, Cook Strait, Mt Cook and Stewart Island in that order A to F, hope this helps
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    Short Answers

    I actually whizzed thru them in bout 35 mins and i can't remember much except for the 4wd thing that one was the hardest. i was expecting more on the ratio's though...
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    my answers multiple choice

    I think you are all worrying over nothing, lets just get over it and enjoy the beautiful sun that is out today, i know i have already taken advantage of it, the surf is beautiful. I think i did ok and you all will too. Just relax...
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    WHo has forgotten about Change in question 2?

    Yeah that is what i did. i looked at the pictures and thought, what event or experience could have changed a persons life Which picture did you choose? i did rock climbing one
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    Related texts for powerplay?

    Some good related texts for powerplay are "Brave New World", "Enemy of the State", any articles that explain the way Big Brother the Show operates, George Bush's speeches relating to the war on terrorism, etc etc etc hope this helps
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    sylvia plath

    Syme i have sent you your beloved essays, hopefully they give you an understanding into what you want. If neone has ANYTHING ON PLATH i am in the same predicament as this guy, i need to understand what we are supposed to be writing. IF neone has notes can they send it to a very desperate me...
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    sylvia plath

    We were told to get that book. it really does help so you should read it. if you want an essay on plath you should go thru the BOS website they have a few really goood ones to read especially the exemplar ones good luck guys!!
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    Important:!!!! My Place related material

    i am using The door, My place, Sister Act and Landslide by the dixie chicks hope that gives you some ideas!!
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    I Need help on Transformations

    no worries i fully understand what you mean. what i have done is found what stoppard has transformed from Hamlet to R&G. that is intertextuality (this is when he uses shakespeares text in his own version) humour and parody, a suggestive title (if you have already read Hamlet, you know R & G...
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    powerplay related text i need it asap plz

    i used "Enemy of the State" with Will Smith, there is also Brave New World as a novel, and a website this will hopefully solve your problems good luck!!
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    does everyone keep up with the syllabus

    We finished the course at the end of term two. we were very lucky! we did four topics last year in term four and then had two topics for term one and another two for term two. now all i have to do is remember it all ! Crap!
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    When Is Your Trial For english?

    I did mine today and it was the Catholic, it wasn't that bad, did anyone who did the catholic one understand the metaphor bit in part 3 of question one?
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    Change essay questions

    I had my trial exam today and we had the question "Changing Self creates growth" Show how the prescribed text you have studied this year along with ONE text from the stimulus booklet and your related texts have shaped your understanding of 'Changing Self"