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    General Thoughts

    the option topics were ok but the dss one was shit! who makes a dss on a beautiful face and it was mostly based on social and ethical issues, so wat did u guyz rite for that? did any get the formula question! i was like struggling wit that! i think u needed to noe 2 unit maths for that! :P btw...
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    Twp processing featuers of video production -

    i hated this question, it was worded badly or maybe i didnt get it! i thought it meant video processing so im srewed ! lost marks
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    General thoughts: Mathematics

    Re: General thoughts i had difficulty with find the dimensions of the box ( i think it was the question about the cake) and wat was wit Q27 and Q28 they were hard!
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    General Thoughts - Economics

    multiple choice were the hardest by far becuause it required u to stop and think especially q9 and q10! essays were easy especially the fiscal policy and monetary policy because they were very open questions. The globalisation question astonished me, coz BOS have never put the question in short...
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    the economics multiple choice has a few curvey questions that required to stop and think, the globalisation question being in the short answers amazed me coz i had a pre-pared essay that i wrote but i ended up breezing through that question. the essays were easy aswell especially the one on...
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    General Thoughts - Food Technology

    Re: so what you think about food technology exam? was a great exam! i hated the multiple choice questions especially the last 2, the magical water question pissed me of! it wasnt hard just annoying and vague! the extended response question werent too bad either! overall a great exam, wish u all...
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    Best Study Notes In The Resources Section?

    where is the resource section?
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    Any Preliminary Food Tech Ppl??

    yeah! i do prem food tech! i realy enjoy the subject!
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    needing a database for major assignment

    hey im in Yr 11 and we just finshed are database, but we did it in a group.....i found it challenging.....but i got there in the end!
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    im doing prem economics atm.... im liking it very much, using the Leading Edge 2007 text book which has updated stuff whereas the ones they gave us at school is only 2002.... though im not coming 1st in the class....i still enjoy the subject