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    UNSW O-Week Meat 2013

    I'm up for this :).
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    UNSW Roll Call 2013

    Bachelor of Arts and Business. 1st year.
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    Regrets of Picking Certain Subjects

    I should have dropped bio because I hated it so much and couldn't stand studying it. I should have kept extension 1 maths because I had no idea that it scaled that well and it wasn't as difficult as I made it out to be.
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    Reminder: Tax File Number

    I filled out a form during school but never got a letter in the mail. Should I call the number up or fill out another form?
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    Last movie you watched? And what you thought of it?

    Life of Pi-Contained a lot of symbolism and metaphors which I would need to watch a few times to pick up. Definitely one of the most visually stunning films I've ever seen; I think it's worth watching just for the beautiful visuals. It was quite philosophical and I felt satisfied at the end but...
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    Share an HSC success story you know of!

    I know this might sound like a cliché but believe me, it happened and still shocks me to this day. There was someone in my grade who wasn't liked by very many people. She never really studied hard and always relied on scabbing notes during years 7-11 so it shocked pretty much everyone when she...
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    Likelihood of it making into BComm/Arts

    I'm off by 0.65 with HSC plus. Yeah, chances are looking slim :(. There is however the new business/arts degree at UNSW.
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    Momentum calculations in the HSC?

    I've never seen it in a HSC paper but I have seen questions before. They're quite difficult and my school never went through them so I wouldn't count on it being in an exam. It's quite common for them to ask for the theory about that though so make sure you have it covered :).
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    I wasn't as concerned about last night as I should have been. Part of me already knows I'll most likely be getting into my 3rd preference but another part is still hoping to get into my 1st. Oh well, I wish luck to all of us :).
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    What is your first preference?

    Commerce/media at UNSW
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    What career would you pursue if you knew you couldn't fail?

    Definitely something in film. Preferably director which I might actually pursue later in my life.
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    Info Days!

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    Last movie you watched? And what you thought of it?

    I'm talking about it from the standpoint of a movie though. I do know some people who thought it should have been longer so like I said, just an opinion from someone who had no exposure to any of the plot beforehand apart from a quick viewing of the trailer.
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    Last movie you watched? And what you thought of it?

    Les Misérables: The first act with Anne Hathaway was by far the best part of the film, in fact so much so that the rest is a bit overshadowed. Still good however,but also unnecessarily long in my opinion (I haven't seen the broadway though, so I shouldn't talk). Also, 98% of this film is...
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    Who's excited to start uni?

    I was excited about uni but I'm not sure anymore. I hear horror stories about the workload :S.
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    Your favourite smells?

    1. My dog after I've just given him a bath. 2. I know it sounds weird but the smell of night when it's summer. 3. Sizzling bacon 4. Coffee and tea
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    EAS online letter?

    Scroll down. They have a list of universities in a table saying if you are eligible or not.
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    Chance of me getting into this course with "my" ATAR.

    I'm in exactly the same position as well!! I applied for eas but for some odd reason neither UNSW or any other universities in my preferences accepted it. I really hope the cutoff drops :S.
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    Below atar by 2percent

    I miss on my course by 0.65 so I know how you feel. Here's hoping to a lower cutoff :).