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  1. TeheeCat

    I miss you guys

    Oh wow nice, so you're essentially done with nearly all the core units then! How was FINC2011? I've done BUSS1000 (🤮) and BUSS1020, core MATH units as well as INFO1110 (as an elective). I really regret taking BUSS1020 instead of MATH1905/MATH1005. Thought that as a Commerce/Advanced Studies...
  2. TeheeCat

    I miss you guys

    As someone that's studying both Commerce and Science at USYD, I 1000% agree with that statement. 😂 While everyone I've talked to are all highly motivated, I find that there is indeed this big competitive vibe within the Commerce cohort with everyone gunning for subcommittees roles, internships...
  3. TeheeCat

    Lecture Slides

    Yup similar to above, I only add extra information on the lecture slides since there's no point in copying down what's already in the slides. Usually, I would download the powerpoint slides beforehand and then edit/add onto them directly during the lecture itself. The kind of information I add...
  4. TeheeCat

    Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion Thread

    Confirmed case of COVID at University of Sydney, 80 other students were in close contact with the student However, classes are still running as normal. I'm contemplating on whether I should go or not... ;-;
  5. TeheeCat

    How many practice papers did you do and did your teachers mark them?

    For math (2U/3U), I completed 1-2 past papers every weekend which eventually changed to every morning as the trials and HSC exams approached closer. I'm not too sure what the total amount was though. For Economics and Business Studies, it was probably a total of 5-7 each since I only worked on...
  6. TeheeCat

    How can I do well at school without tutoring??

    Yes it's 100% possible to do well without tutoring! At my school, the few people who achieved all-rounders (i.e. band 6/E4s in at least 10 units) did so without tutoring; they studied consistently throughout the entire year and had lots of self-motivation. I myself succeeded in reaching my ATAR...
  7. TeheeCat

    HSC 2019 NSW School Ranking

    According to my friend who attended there, you are rewarded $500 for every band 6 you achieve. Or something like that.
  8. TeheeCat

    How bad is the trimester system at UNSW?

    Wow... I always had the vague idea that trimesters are bad but your post really spelled it out for me. That whole thing about not making the most of internships is the greatest concern for me because I personally consider work experience/career opportunities to be the most important factor...
  9. TeheeCat

    How bad is the trimester system at UNSW?

    Thank you all for your responses! :) You make a really good point there. I was initially interested in hearing from first years because a family member who's pro-UNSW discouraged me to listen to those who transitioned from semesters to trimesters as my experiences would be different anyway and...
  10. TeheeCat

    How bad is the trimester system at UNSW?

    Hi all! So to my surprise, I've made the guaranteed entry score to study Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Science at UNSW. My other options are Macquarie (same degree) and USYD (Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Advanced Studies). Now I'm very indecisive as to which university to pick...
  11. TeheeCat

    SRS Question

    Yeah I'm pretty sure it won't be applicable, you need to receive new SRS offers for those Good news is that there are indeed further SRS rounds! According to the UAC site, further SRS offers are released during the December Round 2 (23rd of December). Make sure you finalise your preferences by...
  12. TeheeCat

    Question about EAS

    According to the UAC site, the eligibility letters are released from December 18 and onwards.
  13. TeheeCat

    The Anime Thread

    Yeah this was where I dropped SAO and then never came back to the whole franchise. Don't remember much about the ALO arc other than the cousin incest part. 😂 Honestly I don't understand why they crammed two arcs into one season.
  14. TeheeCat

    Help with choosing university

    Honestly this was my exact concern in regards to studying at UNSW/USYD as well! I was worried that someone like me who attended a public high school would never compete well against those from private or selective schools. However after talking with current and past university students + as the...
  15. TeheeCat

    getting into unsw commerce with a lower atar?

    Yes, that student probably got in through bonus points. You can receive up to a maximum of 10 bonus points across all UNSW schemes. Here's one scheme that I know of: basically if you get band 5/6s in certain HSC subjects, they can reward you bonus points (I think max for this scheme is 5? I'm...
  16. TeheeCat

    queries about cohort

    God, I thought we attended the exact same school until you mentioned your school rank. Nearly had a heart attack there.... As Arrowshaft said, you should definitely be alright since you are closer to 1st place as opposed to the bottom half. Make sure you try your best in tomorrow's exam. Also...
  17. TeheeCat

    Physics Predictions/Thoughts

    Haha no no, I didn't word that right. I didn't memorise the actual equation, but rather the fact he derived an equation and what it was used for. Thank you so much btw, you've been very helpful to all of us in this thread. :)
  18. TeheeCat

    Physics Predictions/Thoughts

    It is, though I don't think they will expect us to derive his equation. I can't even find a textbook that goes into depth of this. And yeah, that's all I know too but I'm just wondering if there's something else I missed
  19. TeheeCat

    Physics Predictions/Thoughts

    Good luck on the exam tomorrow, everyone! Remember we will be free after this. :) A question: What exactly are we supposed to know for Schrodinger's contribution? All I know is his equation but nothing else...
  20. TeheeCat

    Mathematics Extension 1 Exam Predictions/Thoughts

    Hey man, you're not alone. Quite a few people (myself included) didn't perform our best in today's exam either. Personally, I can't relate to setting the goal of achieving state rank (I'm not good enough in 3U for that HAHAHAHA) but I can certainly understand not meeting your goals. :/ I agree...