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  1. abcderic

    Reminder: Tax File Number

    ^ I did this too. For UTS it told me to choose full upfront payment first then give the 'certificate of application for tfn' to the student centre later
  2. abcderic

    Subject Enrollment

    hey i'm doing the same thing as porleng.. i made my account but i'm not really sure of what to do next
  3. abcderic

    Application Number

    i don't know if i'm stupid but where do i find my application number?
  4. abcderic

    Post Your 2014 University Offers Here

    B Business B Science in Information Technology @ UTS woot woot
  5. abcderic

    Industry experience extra 9 months?

    So I went to this session at UTS and the speaker said there would be no included industry experience in the BBusiness/BIT combined degree I will be taking. Would it be wise to take an extra 9 months to do industry experience or just immediately find a job after my degree? + I have absolutely no...
  6. abcderic

    Did anyone come first/state rank from BoredOfStudies? And in what?

    State ranked in Industrial Technology :hippie:
  7. abcderic

    Share your 2013 ATAR here

    93.1 way more than i expected, very happy!
  8. abcderic

    Intech '13

    Yeah, I got a letter in the mail about it.
  9. abcderic

    What should I do about my Modern History teacher?

    I had a pretty shitty Software teacher, was ranked 2, ended up dropping it. If you're really interested in it, then try to just do the work you need to do, and screw the teacher's work, highlight some stuff and get on to writing your notes lol. However, I did not do Modern so I wouldn't really...
  10. abcderic

    Intech '13

    Anyone else get their major project nominated for Intech? If so, can you even be bothered XD What are the benefits? If there are none, other than getting your project seen, I honestly cannot be bothered participating... Edit: Oops, I meant Intech '14
  11. abcderic

    Atar estimate, one more time.

    bump, any more estimates pls?
  12. abcderic

    Atar estimate, one more time.

    Now that the actual rankings are out and all exams are done, this one will be a little more accurate. School rank 85-95 Ranks Adv English 29/64 2u Mathematics 20/55 Industrial Tech Graphics 1/10 Biology 14/54 Business Studies 3/43 SOR1 7/39 Raw mark estimates Adv English 89/105 2u Mathematics...
  13. abcderic

    General thoughts

    but wasn't the dependent variable the activity of the enzyme?
  14. abcderic

    General thoughts

    Was time another controlled variable for that effect of temp on enzyme experiment?
  15. abcderic

    General thoughts

    I did as well lul. Felt so weird to finish an exam early... Ended up adding small things to some of my answers
  16. abcderic

    Biology 2013ers MARATHONN

    Hm, I thought incomplete dominance was the blending of both alleles, hence the pink fur coat from red and white parents.
  17. abcderic

    Biology 2013ers MARATHONN

    Is this something like incomplete dominance? If not what is incomplete dominance?..