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    Private Tutoring - 2010 State Ranker - 99.20 ATAR

    For a limited time, I'll be giving 20% off all individual purchases and 30% off if you buy multiple essays/creative writing! All essays/creative writing pieces have free samples and prices are negotiable.
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    Your 10?

    I get most of what you're saying, but what would you define as a flirt? A guy who isn't serious enough?
  3. gesh17

    Your 10?

    By not being a flirt, do you mean someone who wants a serious relationship?
  4. gesh17 to get over a relationship?

    Haven't read all the posts yet so don't know if this has been said. If the relationship actually meant something, go through a purging/catharsis stage where you think about the good as well as the crappy times. And then try and meet someone who isn't so similar to what you're used to and try and...
  5. gesh17

    Why do girls dump nice guys and go for the jerks?

    Couldn't agree more.
  6. gesh17

    90 naruto episodes in 5 days (H)

    In terms of epic anime, I really like One Piece. It's long running, absolutely hillarious and I cannot remember ever seeing a bad episode - even the fillers are quite solid. The G-8 Arc was better than the main storyline arcs in some animes.
  7. gesh17

    90 naruto episodes in 5 days (H)

    I think Naruto is probably a bit better than Naruto Shipuuden. Although the battles are more advanced, it does not seem to be as addictive or epic as it once was. Actually, I think Death Note drops off a bit after about 20 episodes when L dies - both in terms of story and pacing IMO. Honey and...
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    Short Story on Belonging

    Not bad. Reminds me a little of The Talented Mr. Ripley.
  9. gesh17

    narrative ideas

    While this is important, it should really only be a thin structure of your narrative. Creative writing should always IMO be more about exploring conceptual ideas rather than plot-based events with buckets of descriptive language and such. Imagery should only complement the idea you are trying to...
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    English advice please

    Not necessarily more work. Just more competition.
  11. gesh17

    I love you question...

    Pretty much this.
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    This. And maybe adding random awards you've received - i.e. Citizenship, Debating, School Magazine, etc.
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    How Do You Break Up With Someone Nicely

    Tell her you don't want/can't manage a serious relationship atm.
  14. gesh17

    Who Is the Best Soccer Player of Recent Times?

    Messi because watching him play, there are moments - several of them - where I just think that was pretty damn awesome.
  15. gesh17

    How much do you have in bank?

    It's not really "giving away" money per se IMO - I mean they clothed and fed you for how ever many years.
  16. gesh17

    How much do you have in bank?

    I work about 20-25 hours a week for a consulting firm. Yeah, retail is pretty bad imo too :/
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    Marks needed to attain 99+

    Hmm...I was in a similar position last year myself. School was ranked about 350 odd did quite a few of the subjects you did. Got mid to high Band 6s but maybe to push yourself over that 99+ barrier, you'd probably need to really excel in one subject (i.e. like 95+ HSC Mark). That being said...
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    English tutoring (up to 4U) at Strathfield

    Didn't know there was an Extension 3 English Course =p. Free Bump for awesome marks though.