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    People who got >90 in subjects: how did you study?

    Yeah, I was quite pleased... wtf are you doing with unsw as ur avatar!?! You do med-riography??? pfft never seen you faker
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    People who got >90 in subjects: how did you study?

    just root heaps of chicks, and make sure you get head daily. It helped me achieve 100+ in all my subs, with a UAI of 99.98. I am now doing med-riography at UNSW!!!! See you guys there next year if you follow my advice!
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    Agrppina The younger

    why is ancient history so easy?
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    Chapter One.........(Blank Pages).........The End

    dont mind ssssonicyouth, his gone a bit insane, ever since he started hooking... :|
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    Well done everyone

    sifnt OPTIMISTS sk
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    Submit Your Raw Estimate

    sifnt owned
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    What do you think you got?

    sif almost 30 percent of ppl got 90+ alot of ppl are bsing about there mark here... or are incredibly over confident
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    Religion & Ethics

    5 pillars of islam
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    Multiple choice answers

    oi wog u dont know shit about shit, denominational switching did not increase the fecking number of catholics understand that! But it did decrease the number of anglicans who were the largest denomination within australia!
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    multiple choice 100% right answers

    dont u think its slightly concieted to say they are 100% right when they prolly arent?
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    comedy books

    oh right still havent heard of him lol yeh he's meant to be good eh? you read many of his books? what about bill bryson?
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    comedy books

    never heard of him ill be sure to check it out
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    comedy books

    yeh i know of terry pratchet(who is consistantly good in most cases), um Douglas Adams(but he starts to lack in the later half of the hitchhikers) some of his dirk gently books are good although I havent read all of em? Do you know of anyone else, Nick Hornby, um feck Im just interested if there...
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    revolution is at hand

    is this something to do with matrix revolutions?
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    What did you think?

    fair enough, i dont need to reply look how lame wiggums retort was... ill just retire undefeated
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    Starting out...

    feck what have they been teaching me!
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    help in tourism

    and/or a hot dog vendor in uzbeckistan
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    Individual and Society

    feck ppl write so much... fecking subjective essay questions!
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    What did you think?

    And too think it only took a memeber of the scooby squad to discover that... I always thought they were more efficent than the springfield police department... oi wiggum if ur a shit cunt, and want to have a cry, im not sure what the kids help line number is... but im sure u have it on speed...
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    The perfect score: 100

    this coming from a guy who wants to know if he will get 100... smart but obviously not modest :D