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    Timetable help

    How do you unenrol in a course? So I've accidently enrolled in the wrong course and can't seem to work out how to unenrol. I've tried swapping but it doesn't work.
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    Reminder: Tax File Number

    Thanks. I think the census date for unsw is in march. If I apply as soon as I get back I'll get it done in time.
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    Reminder: Tax File Number

    When do we need to get a TFN by. I am currently overseas and will not be back until the end of January.
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    Thoughts: CSSA English Paper 1

    What's the likelihood they'll ask for two related for history and memory
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    Personalised HSC Timetable Dates

    Food tech is 29/10 at 13:55 Does anyone know when music is?
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    Police Brutality - Disgusting and Unacceptable
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    How do you rate your school?

    What do you guys mean by tail?
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    Any textbooks in electronic format?

    Yes it is possible. Our school gave us iPads and in order to put the textbooks on you need the PDF file which is usually in the CD. The Jacaranda textbooks don't come with a CD so a friend of mine emailed them requesting a digital copy and received one.
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    Othello Essay

    So in each body paragraph should I be comparing for example the power of Othello and powerlessness of Iago? Or should I have a paragraph on the power of Othello and powerlessness of Iago? Or about the power of Othello as well as his powerlessness? ...If you get what I mean.
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    Othello Essay

    How have dramatic techniques been used to reveal the interplay between power and powerlessness in Othello? Could someone please help me understand the essay question and what I would have to talk about in the essay. Thank you
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    Physics-Critical angle and sources of error.

    When measuring the critical angle why must the semi-circular Perspex be reversed (so the light hits the curved surface). And what would be the sources of error in this experiment.
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    Which language would you teach your kids to speak first? Why?

    ^^This. I only started learning English when I went to preschool and my English is better. Many Koreans that I know are either first generation Australians or international students, therefore the only language they can really speak well is Korean. They like to form their own little groups...
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    Methodology-Any help would be great :) please :D

    1) 15 2) Asian 3) Only To-do lists, timetables are pretty much useless 4) Save, unless you're using it to play games etc... 5) Yes, homework, assignments, studying, chores 6) Negative 7) Yes x2 8a) Meeting at work - 0 sec (be there early) b) Meeting with friends - 10 mins c) Meeting...
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    Random Poll: How do you write the number 7?

    I write it with the dash in the middle. I've been doing it for the past couple of years now. If I don't do it, it looks naked.
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    How hard is it to attain a HSC mark of 97+ in Ancient History?

    Random but same here. Made it but decided not to go.
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    How to ask a girl to your formal

    Is that meant to be text? You asked her through a text?
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    How to ask a girl to your formal

    I still would not mind hearing the story of how you asked her.
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    Legal Question

    How does the parliament being bicameral influence the passing of legislation?