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    if you want to do criminology then you should consider a career that isn't in education. i don't see how the two are relevant to each other. but yeah universities will offer novelty subjects to market themselves
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    Conflict in the Pacific

    you should've planned your study around the syllabus, if it's too broad, it's because you might be covering stuff which you think is part of the course, but really isn't. just my two cents
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    Any predictions on what the Germany HSC question might entail?

    there has always been two questions, at least if we're going by trends. One on the Weimar period, and then one on the NSDAP period, from 1933 onwards.
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    Bright students 'betrayed' by HSC

    well obviously you didn't read the article completely, and you have had no background reading regarding this issue. It has been floating around with the lesser known universities and the private colleges, the idea that the UAI is not the sole indicator of university entry. The system...
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    Bright students 'betrayed' by HSC

    I read this in the smh, and capitalization was fine. What on earth happened? "since universities began hand-picking some students on the basis of measures other than the uai." that's the way to go. but LOL at the Ruse principal defending the HSC. I really can't see her saying anything...
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    The F1 Thread

    re: The Official F1 Thread there goes the most anticipated comeback in F1 history. The Spanish fans get screwed over again. Serves em right for all that Hamilton hatred.
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    Any Wests Tigers fans?

    guess who has the shit coach now? well i mean he just left, but after defecating all over the Knights in the past month Benji on the 7 has been a big mistake. It's a shame Gallant is injured and that Moltzen has had to go back to fullback as he's been doing quite well as halfback. I wonder...
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    Is car a luxury or a neccesity?

    yer what he said. you can live without a car, but in Sydney it's like making yourself walk on one leg.
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    why Madsen Building

    Yep.. last sem 2 I was unlucky enough to have to line up to get the timetable I wanted. It's a quick procedure, it's just the lines that can be a bit long. I went in last year when it was raining a bit when the lines were shorter. This time I'm lucky enough to get a balance timetable with...
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    Longest you have had to stay in one building at USYD

    3 hours in Bosch sem 1 Monday 2-4pm Ancient Imperialism, then 4-5pm repeat Educational Psychology lecture. Beats having to go back and forth to that hole I suppose.
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    Germany - where are you getting your notes from??

    No offense to the earlier posts, but I would suggest to use various sources regarding any historical topic simply for the fact that you need to cross reference.
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    New HSC Modern History Structure?

    when I did the first page of the exam, the World War I options... to be honest it was a farce wherein I did it inside a minute. Placing less emphasis on the extended responses is actually a good thing - from my amateur educational opinion anyway
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    Predictions and Results (Semester 1 2009)

    EDUF 3030 Australian Secondary Schooling 86 ICLS 2633 Cities of the World 77 EDUF 2006 Educational Psychology 70 ANHS 2601 Ancient Imperialism 70 Relatively average to my past results. I wonder if I was in the top 10 in EDUF 3030 since I'm quite proud of that HD, it's my second one but the one...
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    modern histr'y - trials and hsc

    if you're struggling comprehending your notes or converting them into essays - i reckon i can help you I'm a second year Education student in USyd, and I can't quite tell you how much I love learning and teaching history. In my HSC I did Germany 1919-1939, Leni Riefenstahl and the Conflict in...
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    The 2009 Trial HSC for History Ext

    it's not the bible/torah/koran... but it is good to know about 2-3 historians there for reference. studying for history extension is simple: know a lot of historians, and their ways of writing history then write about it. Name dropping has never been so crucial
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    that 2nd year second sem EDSE subject..

    aren't we suppose to be doing some sort of planning for observation in a school of our choice? it's only been a couple of weeks since my new uni email got activated (long story) so I fear I may have missed out on some emails sent to all sdeutns..:eek:
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    EXT HIST scaling.. and how to do well?

    ^ meaning it'll only benefit you if you actually do any good at it - of course that is the whole point of the HSC isn't it.. I did 11 units, pretty shit in maths but my ext hist mark cushioned the fall:D
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    Prerequisites for Undergraduate Bachelor of Education

    no maths needed afaik, but the UAI/ATAR has been going up the past few years.. in 2007 it was around 83, last year it was 86... i presume it will continue to go up
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    The F1 Thread

    re: The Official F1 Thread yep, uglier cars, not much more overtaking
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    The Future of F1?

    ^ yeah i agree with you should be the pinnacle... but then again the FIA do have a solid foundational argument in that costs should be cut, what is really irking is the hard-nosed tactics Mosley has adopted. You could say it's almost... fascist ;)