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    General Thoughts - Economics

    yeah i got basically the same except: Q1 i got D Q6 i got C Q8 i got C Q12 i got D and i stuffed up Q19..u were right - i asked my teacher already :P
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    General Thoughts - Economics

    I thought that the essays were pretty easy...did anyone else put HEAPS of recent stuff in about the shit economy? would that have been good or a bit irrelevant?? and i thought the short answers were so hard!! and heaps specific! eco is one of my fav subjects but i was really disappointed with...
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 1

    Re: How did you guys go? r u kidding me?!?!?! i thought it was a shocker!! sooo hard!! FAIL!
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    skoolies 2008 bali!

    i"m thinking of going to Bali but isn't it the wet season so it will be all rainy and monsoony won't it????????? i really want to go but not sure if the weather will be shit all the time so won't be worth going what do u reckon? heard anything about it??
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    What we need to know for King Lear...

    Does anyone know just what we r meant to know for king Lear - do we need our own intertretation, other readings e.g. marxist feminist etc, different productions or just what? All the English teachers at our school are shit and didn't teach us anything so an idea of what we need to know would be...
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    question about hair

    No guy should have long hair unless it is in dreds.....and only some byron hot hippies can wear that - you need to be like john butler or something....not that i think he is all that hot but seriously....if you're a NOT have long wavy hair or you will look like jesus.......