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  1. D94

    Total HSC Exam Marks

    Apart from HSC exams out of 100 and 50, and MX1 out of 70, are there any other subjects that are out of a different total?
  2. D94

    Post Your 2015 Sem 1 Timetable

    The enrolment period has begun, so post your 2015 semester 1 timetable here, yay! Not sure how to enrol? Read: For checking availability, Class Utilisation updates more frequently than Class Timetable: BTW, if...
  3. D94

    Updated Raw Marks Database (sortable excel file)

    Updated Raw Marks Database - Sortable Website ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UPDATE: I've placed the database on an easily accessible website:
  4. D94

    Post Your 2014 Sem 2 Timetable

    Everything except the MMAN3000 tutorial is fixed. Yay.