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  1. BlueCatBulletCD

    Big Issue Vendor

    He makes me feel guilty for not buying it, twice a day, 5 times a week.
  2. BlueCatBulletCD

    First year at uni and hate it!

    Well yeah that makes sense if the notes are put up after, but I'm talking about when they are online before and all you have to do is print them out and bring them.
  3. BlueCatBulletCD

    First year at uni and hate it!

    Yes that happens to me. I'll be sitting there awkwardly, and everyone looks like they are in there young 20s. I feel like a small child that doesnt belong there and it makes it hard to answer questions and stuff. Also why the fuck do people in lectures copy down the powerpoints word for word...
  4. BlueCatBulletCD

    ITT: FML I hate uni.

    Yeah I got a few lecturers I cant understand because of their strong accents. I don't know why I waste my time, pretending I know what they're saying. There was this asian guy I had who sounded like he was saying 'shit' instead of sheet. "Now take your shit, this shit is very important.... as...
  5. BlueCatBulletCD

    Train / ticket question

    Well it depends what direction you're coming from.
  6. BlueCatBulletCD

    Train / ticket question

    Yeah I buy my weekly tickets to Central since it costs the same as Redfern, but allows me to get off at Central if I dare.
  7. BlueCatBulletCD

    Top 5 Nintendo 64 games?

    Mario Kart 64 Super Mario 64 Goldeneye Zelda OoT I've already named 4 and I still havent mentioned Smash Bros, Donkey Kong, Zelda MM etc etc. Trick Question.
  8. BlueCatBulletCD

    your current favourite song

    The Harry Potter - Hedwigs theme
  9. BlueCatBulletCD

    what was the first song you learnt on the guitar?

    The house of the rising sun
  10. BlueCatBulletCD

    Massive bookshop queue

    I think I need to get some books from the co-op. Better look up what they are called and get em Monday Morning. Also where abouts is Kopystop on broadway?? Is it in broadway shopping centre?
  11. BlueCatBulletCD

    ITT we recite Flight of the Conchords quotes

    Woolcome to New Zealand. New Zealand... Better than Old Zealand!
  12. BlueCatBulletCD

    I can't feel my ass.

    lol I saw 2 asians today wearing face masks. \
  13. BlueCatBulletCD

    first day

    Yeah its hard to learn from lecturers who have strong accents.
  14. BlueCatBulletCD

    first day

    It was alright. Though a total of 5 hours of breaks by myself was a bit much.
  15. BlueCatBulletCD

    Clubs & Societies

    How do you join clubs after o-week? lol
  16. BlueCatBulletCD

    I can't feel my ass.

    Yeah its awkward when I meet someone and then a few seconds later i forget their name. Or they say their name in a crowded place and then later I'm like, oh hey Pat come over here, and they're like, my name's Matt. Me: :uhoh: Or when an international student says their name and I have no idea...
  17. BlueCatBulletCD

    First day

    Ok good thanks :)
  18. BlueCatBulletCD

    First day

    Ok so just a question about starting out. For our first day do we need to do anything in particular in terms of preparing anything or do we just turn up and they explain everything we need to know?
  19. BlueCatBulletCD

    timetable collection at O-week?

    Where can you print it and does it cost anything? I just want to print it just to be certain that I have the same timetable i've printed at home.
  20. BlueCatBulletCD

    The most nerve racking part about starting uni is..

    I went out last week and bought 30 shirts, so hopefully no one will see me wearing the same thing twice!