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  1. Aidejay

    Post Your 2014 University Offers Here

    Same!!! :D Hi there Physio Buddy
  2. Aidejay

    Bonus ATAR scheme

    Say you were in your regional school sporting teams in Year 11 and all your other junior years but not year 12, will that still apply? Or do you have to participate in year 12?
  3. Aidejay

    ATAR estimate - Thinking of Med

    ~95-96 Try and maximise your marks, you still have the trials and hsc to own. :D Also, why don't you also consider moving interstate for med? Or even UWS!
  4. Aidejay

    Personalised HSC Timetable Dates

    Week 1 Monday - Paper 1 Tuesday - Paper 2 Week 2 Tuesday - Mathematics Thursday - MX1 Friday - Economics Week 3 Wednesday - Chemistry Friday - Physics
  5. Aidejay

    Question about partially selective high schools in NSW?

    All the classes are mixed except for English Advanced and Standard which are graded with only one top class and the rest are mixed. Make sure you have a stunning report and a lot of extra curricular activities because there's no entrance exam. It'll help you stand out. :D Also for my year...
  6. Aidejay

    Best textbooks for subjects 2013

    Physics- Physics in Focus, Odlum & Garner Past HSC Papers with Worked Solutions (I prefer this over the Success One) Chemistry- Conquering, Contexts and Odlum and Garner Worked Solutions 2u Mathematics- Phoenix Practice Questions By Topic(pink and green), Fitzpatrick, Cambridge and Past Papers...
  7. Aidejay

    Help finding best biology/physics books

    If you want solid questions and answers that relate to the syllabus just seek past exam questions. :D
  8. Aidejay

    99.90+ ATAR, state rank, economics seminars

    Ah... sorry khfreakau. :(
  9. Aidejay

    HSC Physics Textbook Suggestions?

    Physics in Focus
  10. Aidejay

    99.90+ ATAR, state rank, economics seminars

    What time does the Parramatta seminar commences? And around how many spots are there available for the Parra one? :D Thanks!
  11. Aidejay

    Regrets of Picking Certain Subjects

    I regret picking physics, dread it so damn much. Should've picked bio over it.
  12. Aidejay

    99.90+ ATAR, state rank, economics seminars

    Okay awesome! I really hope it won't clash with my tutoring times. I'm really looking forward to this because CAD and BOPs are quite confusing ">< Thanks a bunch guys!! :D
  13. Aidejay

    99.90+ ATAR, state rank, economics seminars

    Wow, this is pretty awesome. Thank you so much! :D Are you guys holding these seminars during this holiday?
  14. Aidejay

    Going for my P's in two weeks. Any advice?

    LOL! Same, that happened to me as well with my instructor. Where did you take your test at Rebeccatommo?
  15. Aidejay

    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/hsc-english-exam-too-hard-says-top-teacher-20121016-27ob6.html Last year was the maths paper, this year is english?
  16. Aidejay

    HSC in one word

  17. Aidejay

    Study Snacks

    I love my 10pm cereal!! Crunchy Nut and Coco pops! Which cereals do you guys like?
  18. Aidejay

    Bonus points?

    Is EAS and bonus points two different things? or are they both the same?
  19. Aidejay

    Where do you want to TRAVEL in the WORLD and WHY?

    Alaska for the northern lights, Canada and New Zealand for their awesome scenery. <3
  20. Aidejay

    Welcome to BOS :DD

    Welcome to BOS :DD