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    I'm so over the hsc I haven't even studied for E&E. kindof screwed but too excited about finishing to even care.
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    Did you use 1 or 2 related texts for Mdoule C?

    I only used one because I really didn't want to talk about Fahrenheit 9/11... that text is apparently done to death in the marking centre
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    Lear - Dramatic Techniques

    hmm it was a pretty good question. they obviously really wanted to see our "personal engagement" as my teacher puts it. I mostly talked about characterisation, contrast in language and Lear's transformation
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    Malouf/ Wordsworth

    that was a really good question. But I think I may have written more on Wordsworth.. couldn't stand Malouf
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    BOW titles?

    De Sanguines (Of Blood)
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    ICPP, COFA, SCA... thoughts?

    I did some short courses at COFA and their facilities are amazing but SCA was the standout for me. COFA's a bit cramped and kind of gloomy in winter. SCA has much more space and natural light and the whole mental asylum thing is a bit quirky, which I like. Plus, I don't know about COFA's...
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    So how is everyones BOW coming along?

    Ahhhh such a relief to have it all out of the way now!!!! :)
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    CSSA Visual Arts Paper

    I always end up doing the conceptual framework questions and the trial was no different. I think it was the one that asked you to talk about artworks that shock and challenge audiences.
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    What do you want to be when you grow up? Plans for after the HSC?

    I plan on doing visual arts at sydney. Then I will become a poor, starving artist.
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    your current favourite song

    65daysofstatic are so awesome :D
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    your current favourite song

    at the beginning of this thread, it was Servo by BJM. Now I'm really liking Psychotic Girl - the Black Keys woooooo
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    WWI syllabus

    oh okay. I thought that was just for national and international studies but maybe it was the whole thing...
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    WWI syllabus

    It may have already been mentioned in some other thread but I was just wondering if anyone knows when the board of studies last changed the WWI syllabus. Or has it been the same forever and ever? I'm stupidly attempting to guess the 2008 questions by ruling out what's already been examined. If...
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    Need some female perspective on my situation

    "I just want to be friends" is a euphemism for "I don't really like you like that" If I was attracted to someone I would go out with them despite the risk of ruining the friendship.
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    Muckup Day/Week: Ideas, Photos Etc

    Some private school (I think it was Kings) dyed their school pool purple.
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    BILL HENSON: child porn or just art?

    well where is it then?
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    BILL HENSON: child porn or just art?

    Just because it's very recent and has sparked a lot of controsversy, what do you think of Bill Henson's nude photographs of pubescent girls and boys? Do you think they are porn or just artistic expressions of the beauty and mysteriousness of youth? I personally cannot decide. Just wondering what...
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    English is a waste of life.

    Re: Anyone else hate English as much as me? I just don't like King Lear. Too much analysis involved.
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    2008 HSC Timetable

    woah that's so awesome. I'm envious. I turn 18 in august, precisely ONE DAY before the trials start... gahhh :'(
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    2008 HSC Timetable

    well at least yours are over and done with