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  1. Riet

    Voting at 16

    At 18 or shortly after most people finish highschool and start living in the real world. It's not like elections occur every year anyway so the first time people vote will fluctuate between 18 and 21. The fact most of your peers don't know much about politics at all is irrelevant. Voting isn't...
  2. Riet

    Voting at 16

    disagree, this implies that my vote costs significantly more than someone who paid $1 of tax. Instead you should get more votes if you pay more tax, obviously this system would be the most fair.
  3. Riet

    Moves to outlaw planking

    The whole planking thing is the memetic embodiment of absurdity.
  4. Riet

    Voting at 16

    This is all just nonsense. For a start the assumption that there are only 2 sides to the political spectrum, especially when they are so similar does nothing but reinforce the hegemony of self-serving governments who look out for their buddies. Fuck that state. Who would decide what is...
  5. Riet

    Voting at 16

    That is fucking stupid. Being "politically aware" when you have a very limited world view and fuck all life experience is synonymous with parroting whatever your parents told you growing up and acting like a self-aggrandised wanker. 18 is the age of majority, simple as that. whoa that's so...
  6. Riet


    yeah its great when they have daddy issues and low self-esteem
  7. Riet

    Fully sick pizza delivery car :)

    4 door skyline, gross
  8. Riet

    Best part of your relationship

    you. sex, cuddles, ye
  9. Riet

    weed makes you smarter

    Weed is for lame cunts.
  10. Riet

    Post your desktop screenshot.

    I like to keep mine completely clean, start button is there for a reason especially since you usually have at least one window obscuring the desktop anyway
  11. Riet

    Jessica Watson...

    I once sailed around lion island. Fucking 25 knots with the spinaker out on the way back. We were fucking hauling.
  12. Riet

    God has no merit

    You can't say which religion is correct but you can say which are incorrect. All of them. Religion is an invention of man to entrench their power, this is the case regardless of whether or not god exists.
  13. Riet

    Tony Abbott - Do you want him as PM?

    that's bullshit, their growth slowed massively, just that because it was at such a high rate before it remained positive. China is hugely dependent on exports, more so than even Germany. Lack of western demand results in a large slowing of their growth.
  14. Riet

    A must for ALL SCHOLLIES!!!

    who the fuck takes binocular into a club? Also just dont be a cheap fuck, eh
  15. Riet

    Gay marriage insidious and dangerous, says the Pope

    Good point. The catholic church just covered it up and allowed it to continue
  16. Riet

    Wedding Dresses

    I will wear boardshorts and a tuxedo-tshirt to my wedding, and my bride will be in a white bikini. This will be acceptable because it will be fucking hot as since we will be in the caribbean.
  17. Riet

    Tony Abbott - Do you want him as PM?

    Or just don't have any taxes.
  18. Riet

    Do you post regularly on car forums?

    checked and SR20DET is 7 psi stock, so yeah
  19. Riet

    Do you post regularly on car forums?

    yeah that's just how evos come, that doesn't mean much. He can run it upto 29 but it's still on stock internals and already making over 250rwkw so lyk, yeh.
  20. Riet

    What Cars does everyone drive??

    I've heard mixed reviews of the Elise actually. For a car of it's layout and weight it apparently understeers quite a bit. I have no doubt lotus can engineer some brilliant suspensions systems though, yeh