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    Help for CAFS students.

    A sample in your field of research, covers the impacts on socioemotional wellbeing:
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    Help please :)

    You would have your graphs that you have created and analyse trends, variables, differences, what the figures mean in relation to your hypothesis etc.
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    Attention cafs students please read

    Depending upon what it is on and when it is due you could use online survey programs to target your audience. Otherwise, like BLIT2014 has already said talk to your teacher.
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    UMAT Prep

    It is UCAT from next year. The UKCAT version is the format that will help with practice- you can purchase the books from Amazon or Fishpond.
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    help asap

    Population of interest: Students Issue of interest for IRP: standardised tests Comparison between the variables to be researched: Those doing standardised tests, those doing other tests, students not doing a test at all. Outcome of the comparison: positive wellbeing Time: in standardised...
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    Egg drop science project helppppppp

    +1 this either as a pyramid or put egg in the middle of 50 straws, wrap 1-meter tape around the straws to tighten them to the egg.
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    Entry into Medicine

    I know for the JMP UON program they would look at the Diploma in terms of: Credit average-- completed OR Distinction average-- incomplete Not sure about the other unis but just have a...
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    Looking for previous HSC science exams (pre 1990)

    Maybe try ARC standards material as a starting point.
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    Help for CAFS students.

    If it is not too late post up your question and I'll try to check in and touch base with you.
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    May possibly want to get into Medicine but don't know how.

    Subject choice does not matter. However, if applying to Undergraduate programs you will need to sit UMAT otherwise if you do a degree first and then decide upon Med in some unis they require the UMAT equivalent which is called GAMSAT as you are now a Graduate. UMAT is divided into three...
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    PIP Questionnaire: FAKE NEWS

    Done! Good Luck.
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    2016 IPT HSC Question 19 - No idea why I got the wrong answer?

    You need to watch the wording- with a view. Hence, it is pilot and parallel as it is not being completely dropped/phased out.
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    Cheap umat resources!!!

    Hi Katya1 could you send me a PM with some of the pictures, as I may be interested in them. Thanks xx
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    Pathways to Medicine?

    You can study any degree for entry into JMP Med so long as you get better than a pass grade avergae GPA or above (for completed studies) or GPA of 4.7- close to a credit grade average or above (for incomplete studies). Plus, it wouldn't be GAMSAT it would be the UMAT that you undertake as it is...
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    Can you get a general registration with AHPRA with a Bachelor of Oral Health

    Yes, you can. You might find this helpful:
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    Irp survey!!!

    Done ! :)
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    Getting into medicine with UMAT

    You might want to check out this article:
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    CAFS question

    You need to think about the following: 1. performing same experiment and gaining the same results 2. whether the research method could be used again to achieve same or similiar results under same conditions 3. accuracy 4. any constraints 5. whether you are sampling a large group or small...
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    Newcastle has changed to at least 60 or above for S1, at least 50 in S2 and at least 50 in S3. As they want students to have skills in assesing the problem learning scenarios that they hold in tutes.
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    Oh, dear I am rather alarmed that your teachers could not help with this or direct you to a careers advisor. Okay, so presuming you are set on becoming a surgeon on the following would apply: 1. Sit the Undergraduate Medicine and Health Sciences Admission Test (UMAT) 2. Use your ATAR or...