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    The Woolworths Thread

    Guys, how much notice is expected for a permanent part time employee of 2.5 years to resign? 2 weeks?
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    The Woolworths Thread

    Could have written this about my store. I get stuck on registers all day... I know it's my job, but it's not fair when the distribution of work isn't the same. Our supervisors are all super close friends and I'm positive that's why one was promoted... meanwhile those of us who aren't in the...
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    The Woolworths Thread

    Anyone know much about transfers? I've been in the Front End of my store for almost 2.5 years but I feel like the environment is growing toxic. Not sure I want to leave Woolies yet but maybe starting over elsewhere is the answer?
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    Late Round Offers & Alternative Pathways

    Re: FAQ: Late Round Offers Hey guys, quick question, I've already accepted my offer to a course, so do I need to remove that from my UAC preferences entirely, or is shifting another course to the top enough to be eligible for an offer? :) Thanks in advance!
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    MQ Roll Call 2012

    Bachelor of Health! Really excited to commence studies at Macquarie. :) Congratulations to everyone else who received an offer!
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    Post Your 2012 University Offers Here!

    Bachelor of Health at Macquarie. :) Hope everyone gets what they wanted and, if not, ends up there one way or another.
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    How did your parents react to your marks?

    I could tell they were surprised and a little disappointed, but they already knew I was shattered yesterday so they just assured me I'd get where I want to be one way or another. Sorry to those that got such negative responses, especially those who got marks I would be over the moon with (I know...
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    Why tears are wasted on HSC results

    This really beautifully puts some things into perspective. To those as disappointed as I am, I hope that life turns out the way it should for you, regardless of some numbers that will one day be insignificant.
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    HSC Results- Anyone else nervous AND excited?

    At this point I am nervous, excited and impatient. I just want it over and done with. Hope everyone gets what they need. :)
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    First in Course List

    Wow. Really surprised James Ruse didn't top anything. It was the first school I searched for (after my own, naturally.)
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    BOS all nighter tuesday/wednesday?

    I, too, wasn't really panicky until I read this thread and reality set in a tad. LOL. I will try to sleep but that will probably fail and end with lots of DVD marathoning. Best of luck to everyone, hope you exceed your expectations.
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    How does your school award the dux?

    Highest ATAR at my school, too.
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    Okay - 2nd stage of assessment ranks - ATAR ESTIMATES

    Thank you! I would be thrilled with anything within that range, so that's really great (and surprising) to hear. :)
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    Okay - 2nd stage of assessment ranks - ATAR ESTIMATES

    Nice ranks! Last year: Ancient History (Accelerated) - 4/72 This year: Advanced English 1/32 Modern History 2/33 SOR II 1/16 German Beginners 1/10 School rank between 400-450.
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    Assessment ranks are in!

    Email them now so they can fix it first thing next week - good luck! I'm sure it will be okay.
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    Post-exam reading

    Currently reading the Handmaid's Tale and planning on finally finishing One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest after that. So many classics I bought over HSC year and never got around to treat! :)
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    Hey, just wanted to say how awesome your contribution to BoS this year has been! :) I've read a...

    Hey, just wanted to say how awesome your contribution to BoS this year has been! :) I've read a ton of your posts and they've been a great actually remind me of an old friend of mine with all of your wisdom... :) Are you done w/HSC now? If so, congrats & all the best for results! :)
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    What sort of pen do you use?

    Papermate Profile, blue or black.
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    Do you think you are prepared?

    No, I wasn't coming to read this thread and I'm even less sure I'm prepared reading what some people's definition of "unprepared" is. :P
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    Desired uni course.

    Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) @ USYD. So I'm looking for a 90+.