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    Atar Estimate Please

    Hey, Can I please get an Atar estimate? School Rank: 50 - 60 last year 4U: 5/24 (Around 8-10 e4's per year) 3U: 6/112 (Around 30-40 e4's per year) English Advanced: 35/238 (Around 60-70 B6's per year) Chemistry: 14/92 (Around 15-20 B6's per year) Physics: 6/80 (Around 8-12 B6's...
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    Prelim Student - Short answer and essay writing

    Hey guys, I wanted to consult you guys regarding my short answer and essay writing. I've had a look at some other posts including mreditors guide to economics but I wanted to really wanted to get a nice, clear approach to tackling short answers and extended responses. I have a pretty good...