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    What happens if you don’t turn up to a HSC exam?

    I’m not getting an atar - long story short, school fucked my units up but anyway, what happens if you miss an exam even if you’re not getting an atar?
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    VET Course Primary Industries - Not getting the Cert

    So I got told that I'm not getting my Cert in Primary Industries as I missed out one year of it (dropped childhood at the start of Year 12 and went into Primary Industries).. Would I still get my HSC? They better tell me now considering I grad in 2 days hahahah
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    How many N awards to get kicked out of Year 12?

    Can they actually kick you out even though you've got a month and a bit left? Pretty sure more than half of year 12 - including myself have 3 N awards and the Deputy Principal is threatening to go to the Board of Studies and apparently kicking us out???
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    Need notes on the story of tom brennan

    SOS SOS SOS, If anyone could help me out and send me notes on the story of Tom Brennan, It'll be much appreciated! Alternatively, my email is Thank you!
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    Opinions and help????? Repeating??

    Alright so, I'm so close to graduating but is there a chance that my school will repeat me? I have hardly turned up to Business and Society and Culture because my teachers are an absolute joke and I've learnt more studying by myself rather than me sitting there for an hour learning about nothing...
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    St Marys Senior High School?!?!

    Okay so I'm in year 10 and really want to make it into St Marys Senior but I was overseas when the forms were due in? Am I too late now? Is there a way I can still get in and show how much I'm interested? Please help!