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    Terrorist activity at UNSW

    Did anyone else get the email? Staff were arrested by the NSW joint terrorism force . No other details were mentioned Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
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    Emergency lost id card rip

    Sitting an exam tomorrow 4pm. I NEED a student ID card to sit it, and I have lost it. Do they give replacemement ID cards straight away ? Can I go tomorrow morning and get a replacement before the exam?
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    Lecture recordings

    Acct1511 infs1602 tabl1710 fins1612 If i were to skip lectures, which of these should I skip. Do any not have lecture recordings? Do any have quizzes in the lecture? thanks mates
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    B.Comm timetabling sem 1 help

    I will likely be doing commerce at unsw next year. I was messing around on bojangles and have a few questions :) 1.Do I have to do all my core courses first? 2.Assuming I'll apply for a job in my second year, should I take wam boosters all in the first year? 3.Lurking around I often see that...
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    Cant find much information about WAM boosters and timetables

    Hey all I want to apply for a commerce course to commence study in 2017 After searching around, I know you have to do 4 Core courses, 4 Electives and 4 'other' courses? (Gen-ed??/Free elective?) On top of this I select a major, will this be done in the final year? I also found that these...
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    Sy123s compilation Sy123 Was awesome enough to compile the 2014 marathon questions into one document Does anyone have such documents for the other years? (3U and/or 4U) P.S. : does that dropbox...
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    Hardest Inverse and Binomial questions?

    Hey all, If any of you remember any weird, tricky, interesting or challenging questions from Inverse(functions/trig) and Binomial theorem, can you please post them here Fanks
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    Hey all Spoke to academic advisor She said EVERYONE in my school gets a NOTIONAL band 6 (Is that E3 and E4?) My rank is 38/53 But my school got 22 band 6's last year ( What does all of this mean in terms of my HSC mark? Lets say I was about to enter a number into an...
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    Do we need to memorise this identity?

    Solving the following integral: \\\int{\frac{dx}{x\sqrt{a^2+x^2}}}\\$ I now have $ I=\frac{1}{a}ln(tan\frac{\theta}{2}) $ which is correct $\\ \\ $To bring back the 'x' do I need the tan(x/2) = sqrt()/sqrt() result , I think its Cosine in the brackets?$\\ $Any other way to do it?$ I subbed...
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    Latex is now working on tapatalk

    Everyone thank Brent012 for fixing latex code and various other issues associated with its implementation He responded promptly and worked quickly to fix it SWEET :D (Idk why I'm so pumped about viewing maths on my phone I just am) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Impossible question?

    :mad: \int\frac{ln(x+2)}{x^2+4} found this on ekmans hard 4U qs compilation P.S if someone has worked solutions to that pdf it would be a huge help :) Edit: Questions are from here
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    What do I do with this information?

    Recently got ranks and an atar estimate from academic advisor Want to compare it with estimates given on bos Assuming this information is correct, Im: Bottom band 6 for Chemistry/Extension 1 maths (90 HSC barely) Bottom band 5 for English (80 HSC barely) Mid Band 5 for Extension 2 maths...
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    Integration question

    Where did I go so wrong ? Also yea forgot the +C Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cannot View Latex

    On Iphone 4S tapatalk Can only see a greyed out image (broken image) Mods pls fix ty
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    Atar estimate please

    So Atar calculators are incredibly shit. Getting a range from 91-96 (Min Talent 100, Max, middle Matrix(95)) Just curious as to what my atar would be given some HSC marks (havent got ranks yet) English Adv. 80 Physics 90 Chemistry 90 Extension 1 math (2 units) 80...
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    Halp complex locus

    Find the locus of w such that w=(z-2)/z and that |z|=1 How do I approach this question , I tried to split the fraction and multiply the numerator/denominator of 2/z by the conjugate of z Didn't work , incorrect answer Thankyou
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    Is anyone using Tapatalk?

    I cant seem to view any latex code in the tapatalk app Iphone 4s IOS 8.4 App is updated Yes I am sad enough to read maths questions even on my phone :p
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    The Four unit advanced level marathon...

    Makes me shit myself past page 3. (obviously, q16+ type questions are supposed to be challenging, but some of the questions on that thread seem like they will never appear in the exam) Pretty much my knowledge of questions come from • Past Trials • Fitzpatrick • Coroneos •...
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    What happened here?

    What happened to the boredofstudies mirror? I can only see a blank page?
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    SammyT's Atar Estimate

    I know prelim ranks dont mean much, and ranks can change drastically in the HSC, but I know they wont go lower (I pretty much didnt open a book this year until a week before exams) But Im just curious, what would my estimated atar be if I did the HSC this year? School rank <25 3U...