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  1. samthebear

    BIOS2061 paper (2011)

    To everyone wanting the past paper - I don't have it any more since megaupload was shut down. I can promise you all that the paper I got had several repeats from the past papers already available so don't freak out, go to uni lib website and search "BIOS2061" you'll get some past papers and...
  2. samthebear

    Going to be short of 91 atar?

    if you can get 89 you'll definitely be able to get some extra points from the bonus points. go google "UNSW bonus ATAR points" or something like that and it should take you to a UNSW page with all that information. Try to get 90 at least if possible to get a better chance at getting in =] Good...
  3. samthebear


    none - i think they just reuse the questions thats why they dont provide past papers
  4. samthebear

    BIOS2061 paper (2011)

    pretty much exactly like the past exams papers
  5. samthebear

    BIOS2061 paper (2011)

    just realised ever since the feds killed megaupload the paper is no longer accessible. Sorry. (Not that i'm disappointing anyone here)
  6. samthebear

    Want to sell Campbell Biology (8th Edition,Australian Version)

    Try posting on textbook exchange. you'll get a better audience there.
  7. samthebear

    BIOS2061 paper (2011)

    Shop closed by Feds. I do not have the paper any more and the only copy I had was on Megaupload which we all know got shut down. So sorry guys but I can promise you that your paper will probably have repeated questions from past papers already available on the university website because mine...
  8. samthebear

    Need past paper for BIOS2061

    Hi everyone, i'm looking for the 2010 past paper for BIOS2061 (Vertebrate Zoology) if anyone has it please message me!
  9. samthebear


    BIOS1301 - its a pain in the ass but if you realllllyyyy dont want to do maths its an alternative. Fair warning: Its dull and boring and one of the lecturers doesnt have any lecture notes so you need to attend his lectures to take your own notes. Doesn't help that he is incredibly boring. Or...
  10. samthebear

    ARTS1302 and ARTS1362

    has anyone done those courses? how did you find it and what are the assesments like? i'm thinking of doing those courses next semester. thanks!
  11. samthebear

    Science Majors

    majoring in anatomy/ minor in path
  12. samthebear


    weirdly enough i know what slides you're refering to haha - well i guess if you can keep going about competition of native Vs. introduced species you'd get your marks credibly enough...
  13. samthebear


    oh crap! thats really specific! @__@! and yes haha he is still doing half the lectures (paul adam) i missed one of his lectures and i think i'm nicely screwed for whatever he has covered -_-"
  14. samthebear


    Whoops! thats me too! oh goodness @__@ there are alot of details on the lecture notes... did they have any thing not on the lecture notes? like just based on what the lecturer said (ie: examples and things)?
  15. samthebear


    Does anyone have sample past papers for the final exam? and if anyone has done this before how do you suggest i should study for this subject?
  16. samthebear

    oh nice =] i do BABS1201 too did you have a lecture today at 1?

    oh nice =] i do BABS1201 too did you have a lecture today at 1?
  17. samthebear

    UQ - traditional or bastardized? 正體字還是殘字

    UQ = university of Queensland?
  18. samthebear

    1st day of uni...

    yeah i know. i sat next to this girl and tried to talk to her but she like did the whole body turn away to talk to her friend =.=
  19. samthebear

    1st day of uni...

    probably nervous but sort of excited but yet not because i know how crap the next few months will be.