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  1. jimmysmith560

    is it over for me

    No worries. You can submit an application to UAC regardless of when you receive your trial results, and you will have the ability to change your course preferences at later stages if needed. It would be a good idea to submit your application as early as possible to avoid paying a higher fee...
  2. jimmysmith560

    Early Entry to Information Technology with shit grades

    The knowledge that IPT provides is not directly connected to software engineering, as opposed to a subject like SDD. The knowledge gained in IPT would be more relevant to a degree such as a Bachelor of Information Systems. With that being said, there is no harm in applying for a degree in...
  3. jimmysmith560

    Early Entry to Information Technology with shit grades

    There is no harm in applying for all early entry schemes that you are eligible for because it is always better to have a slight chance of receiving an early offer than to have no chance at all. Based on this, it would be a good idea to apply to MQ in addition to WSU and UTS. Your result in...
  4. jimmysmith560

    I need help for Dead Poets Society - Year 10 Movie analysis

    Unlike a written text, which only incorporates literary techniques, a film presents both literary and visual techniques that contribute to delivering its overall message. This therefore constitutes the starting point of your preparations, that is, familiarising yourself with a range of literary...
  5. jimmysmith560

    is it over for me

    A bit of a late response, although I hope your test went well. Your result in your previous test indicates that there are likely areas or specific concepts that you may need to revisit. The problem might be a lack of understanding of particular concepts and/or insufficient practice of questions...
  6. jimmysmith560

    school and atar help

    The school that you attend has no direct effect on your ATAR. A higher school rank (such as your current school) indicates that the school has a more academically capable cohort than a lower-ranked school, such as the school that you are thinking of enrolling at. Attending a lower-ranked school...
  7. jimmysmith560

    Imaginative Writing how to start

    When I read the first stimulus, my mind seems to focus on the notion of the past, including elements such as events that occurred in the past and people who existed in the past. Based on this, perhaps you could write a story about a character(s) who seeks closure in relation to either their past...
  8. jimmysmith560

    financial ratios

    Generally speaking, there should be no issue with rounding up to a whole number, although I would question the reason to do so, especially when rounding to 2 decimal places would provide a more accurate figure, since it would be closer to the original number that you calculated. For example...
  9. jimmysmith560

    how to improve at mod c?

    You mentioned that you feel that your writing is generic. Perhaps that is caused by insufficient creativity, which can reflect insufficient Module C writing practice. Based on this, there are two main ways through which you can improve your writing for Module C. First, reading different texts...
  10. jimmysmith560

    how to write persuasive

    First, it would be good to be familiar with the concept of persuasive writing. NESA defines persuasive writing as a type of writing where the main purpose is to present a particular point of view and persuade the reader/audience accordingly. A persuasive text aims to convince a reader of the...
  11. jimmysmith560


  12. jimmysmith560

    It depends on multiple factors, including nature, frequency and expiry date of offences. :)

    It depends on multiple factors, including nature, frequency and expiry date of offences. :)
  13. jimmysmith560

    Is 98+ ATAR Realistic?

    Internal rank is one element used to determine a student's Assessment Mark (the mark that a student receives which reflects their internal performance and contributes 50% of their overall HSC mark in a subject). The other element used is HSC exam marks achieved by the student's cohort. This is...
  14. jimmysmith560

    how can i improve ?

    While more information would be useful in providing a more accurate observation of your current performance, your results and the performance of your cohort would indicate that you would not be far from achieving your ATAR goal if you were to perform at the same standard in year 12. With that...
  15. jimmysmith560


  16. jimmysmith560

    atar estimate?

    Given this information, your current performance seems consistent with an ATAR between 96.5 and 98. It is normal for different estimates to report differing possible ATARs or ATAR ranges, since they may be done differently. Your position is favourable across your subjects, although the degree...
  17. jimmysmith560

    Baulko, NSGH, HGHS, Girra, Ruse, Penrith preference order?

    I would be inclined to prioritise BHHS simply due to its more consistent ranking among the top schools in the last few years. However, if we were to disregard school rank, I would recommend looking into the facilities and teaching quality provided at each school (hopefully students/graduates of...
  18. jimmysmith560

    Is extension 2 english, extension 1 english, and extension 1 maths too much?

    Generally speaking, it can be difficult to justify taking more than 12 units in year 12. This is because of two main reasons: The workload resulting from taking more than 12 units can be overwhelming. As such, There may be a negative effect on your performance across your subjects due to...
  19. jimmysmith560

    atar estimate PLEASE!

    No worries! Yes, an ATAR of 90 is still possible, as long as you perform well in your remaining assessment tasks as well as your trial exams, not to mention the fact that the HSC exam contributes 50% of your overall HSC mark in a subject on its own, giving you a great opportunity to make...
  20. jimmysmith560

    atar estimate PLEASE!

    It would be a good idea to provide information such as the number of band 6's achieved at your school in each of your subjects and/or your school rank, as it can contribute to more accurate ATAR estimates. Given this information, your current performance seems consistent with an ATAR in the low...