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  1. K

    Syd Uni Scholarships

    has anyone received notification of having obtained one?? i know the 99.95/100 uai ones are automatic scholarships, but im wondering about the 95+ uai all rounder type scholarships.. i know some of my friends received rejection-type letters in december, but i never got anything so was...
  2. K

    Top in school

    99.45 @ danebank i think
  3. K

    ~Clerical recheck~

    ok so is there a way you can actually have your paper RE-MARKED? or is it just clerical checck things??
  4. K

    Your SC marks vs your HSc marks which did you do better in ?

    lol very similar SC: all band 6, HSC: all band 6 + a band E4 SC: 91 english, 91, maths, 91 science, 93 history, 98 geography HSC: 91 english, 94 maths, 47/50 ext 1 maths, 93 chem, 95 modern history, 95 legal studies and 97 economics
  5. K

    State rankings

    i got 97 & got 9th... so i dunno what went wrong then!
  6. K

    clerical recheck

    i was thinking of having my legal paper rechecked.. ended up with a mark of 95... when in all except 1 assessment i got 98+.. and i know my teacher marks hard, she is a senior marker for legal... so i wanna know what went wrong!!
  7. K

    UAI without tutors?

    no tutor ... 99.45... in the past i have had a maths tutor but all he really did was some harder questions with me. but he was overseas for this year so he wasnt there for year 12
  8. K

    law at usyd.....

    i think ive just missed out on law.. although i was talking to someone who is big in the usyd law dept and they said they felt the uai would go down this year... so i hope it does :( i only got 99.45, which doesnt get me usyd grrr!!! i guess ill settle for unsw
  9. K

    What UAI did you get?

    wow.. heaps of 99s on here!! i got 99.45!! so happy but i think ill miss out on sydney uni law.. oh well probably unsw then and that means i get a car and am with my friend so its worked out well!
  10. K

    Post your predicted UAI

    SAM says 99.75 and juai or whatveer it is says 100.. i dont beleive them though
  11. K

    Premier's Awards

    SO Who is getting one??? and how many, and which units over 90?????? Im getting one i assume... got my 13 units over 90, woo hoo!! so happy
  12. K

    What HSC marks did you get?

    im so happy!! dont knwo what uai will be though, i think law at sydney is now out of my league! :| 2 Chemistry 92/100 93/100 93 6 2 Economics 97/100 97/100 97 6 2 English (Advanced) 91/100 90/100 91 6 2 Legal Studies 93/100 96/100 95 6 2 Mathematics 92/100 95/100 94 6 1...
  13. K

    Who's doing an all-nighter?

    FAR OUT I HAVE NEVER BEEN THIS STRESSED!!!!!! :| im gonna freak out!! iwnt be able to sleep... so yeh i am doing the all nighter,.... too much pressure this hsc.. im surprised more people dont have mental problems in the future and sue the BOS for damages!
  14. K

    Stupid Weimar question grrrrrrrrr

    can i just say.. there is a syllabus for a REASON... you are supposed to study the WHOLE thing, not selected parts.. i spent hours and hours slaving over the WHOLE topic, not limiting myself to just one area.. and i think it paid off in the end because i walked out feeling confident... a tip...
  15. K

    word on the street

    teacher... SM... the SM's are doing everything to make sure no one is disadvantaged
  16. K

    word on the street

    ok this is what they are doing with crime.. they're gonna mark it REALLY broadly.. theyve changed all the marking guidelines and everything.. and then they're gonna look at our other marks for the other sections.. and make sure that our crime mark isnt significantly lower and that we are...
  17. K

    Raw mark for the exam???

    i got 93 for trial.. so hopefully around there.. but this was so much easier.. our short answer was a killer in our trial!
  18. K

    Section 1: Multiple Choice

    my teacher used to be an eco marker.. i think maybe an SM actually... and she thinks that the multiple choice is gonna be the discriminant... as in... makes the diff between a 100 and a 95 kind of thing.. and will really spread people out
  19. K


    15 for q26, and 16 for q27
  20. K

    Section 1: Multiple Choice

    yeh... i agree.... i would have thought d... but that was a weird question.. thats the 1 that i was tossing up between a and d for!