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    1st in State PDHPE notes!

    Hey guys, I ranked 1st in the state in 2013 and am selling all of my notes from the following cores: health priorities in Australia, factors affecting performance, improving performance and sports medicine! If you are interested send me a private message, you can have all four cores for $10 or...
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    meiosis and inheritance of genes

    I'm doing the dot point: Explain the relationship between the structure and behavior of chromosomes during meiosis and the inheritance of genes And I understand the relationship between behavior and inheritance but can anyone explain the relationship between structure and inheritance? Does it...
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    Water concentration affecting pH??

    Can anyone explain specifically how water concentration affects carbon dioxide levels and pH?
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    half yearly revision help

    There are a few questions from random topics that im struggling with, so if anyone could help me out and show full working that would be amazing!! thankyouu
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    Jakarta declaration

    i was just doing some multiple choice of the BOS website and there were questions about the Jakarta declaration and new public health approach. i don't remember being taught about those, has anyone else been taught about that stuff? thankyouu
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    Geometric applications of calculus help!

    Can someone please help me with differentiating these: a) P=2x+ 50 over x b) A=h^2-2h+5 all over 8 c)V=40r-piR^3 thankyouu
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    Geometric applications of calculus help!

    In the answers of my text book it does a>0 and then b^2-4ac to get the answer and the answer doesn't have -1 or 9 it just says therefore it is monotonic increasing. Because wouldn't the greater and less than signs mean it was only increasing outside or -1 and 9 rather than monotonic increasing?
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    Geometric applications of calculus help!

    Just another question Show the curve y=x^3-3x^2+27x-3 is monotonic increasing for all values of x?
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    Geometric applications of calculus help!

    1. Find all values of x for which the curve f(x)=x^3-3x+4 is decreasing 2. Find the domain over which the curve y=x^3+12x^2+45x-30 is increasing I got the right numbers for both but my greater than, less than signs are all mixed up so if anyone could explain the signs part that would be great...