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    Predict my ATAR?

    I know, but is it possible to estimate my ATAR from the ranks specified in the OP post?
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    Predict my ATAR?

    Would be great if people actually took this thread seriously and gave me a number
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    Predict my ATAR?

    Just received my school’s mid-year report. English Advanced Rank 19/65 Mathematics Advanced Rank 16/48 Geography Rank 2/29 Biology Rank 10/30 Economics Rank 8/26 Is it possible that these ranks might translate into a 95+ ATAR? Also, I don’t have specific information on marks yet as I’ve...
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    Predict my ATAR from current ranks

    I’ve been asked to request my school to predict my ATAR for a particular tertiary program from my current Year 12 ranks, and the predicted ATAR must be 95 or above Current ranks: English Advanced: 19/63 Maths Advanced: 17/50 Biology: 10/36 Economics: 8/25 Geography: 1/30 Do these ranks in...
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    do you think australia would ever become a republic?

    A republic for Australia could be potentially dangerous in that we could end up with the US model where any businessman or celebrity can instantly become President should they receive the popular vote. In Australia our system is serious, robust and accountable; aspiring PMs need to get elected...
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    Simple but informed summary on The Tempest

    Hello everybody, I take Advanced English and I was supposed to read The Tempest last week but couldn’t really understand it, and the online summaries are somewhat helpful but don’t really offer a solid explanation of the plot. Could someone here give me a summary of this play along with with a...
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    Hag-Seed summary/important points

    Could anyone give a quality but also easy to understand summary (or links to easy to understand videos/websites) on Hag-Seed? I currently don’t have the book and I have an online test on Hag-Seed that I need to complete in 3 days. Any help would be appreciated
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    Path towards a 99+ ATAR after a disappointing Year 11 despite hard work

    Hi all, after finishing Year 10 on a high in 2022, I fucked up Year 11 in 2023, with disappointing examination results largely contributing to my final grades My grades for Year 11 2023 were: English Advanced - B (note that I missed out on A by one mark - I was sitting very high on my internal...