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    Can Labor win the 2016 federal election?

    No Labor still have a lot of brand management to deal with before they can be a contender Honestly, majority of Australias would agree that Liberal would be better than Labor. They are hoping they can reduce the publicity on the budget and move on
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    Juris Doctor

    Can anyone explain to me what is it ? I am looking to do law but i don't have the atar required so i see this as a possible avenue
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    A discussion for the Average BoS user ~ How are you going with your Study/HSC/etc

    I REPEAT THIS DO NOT FUCKING STOP STUDYING DO NOT FUCKING STOP STUDYING. i cannot repeat this enough You must finish syllabus early and write those notes fast
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    English Standard vs Advanced

    Do advanced its the best thing you can choose in your last two years
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    P's test

    dont worry its easy
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    Advantages of high ranking schools

    Does it even matter? at the end of the day its how well you do
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    k multiplier

    Year C Y 1 110 150 2 200 300 The table shows national accounts data for Consumption and National income in $billion for an economy What is the new equilbrium level of income in year 3 if investment increases by 40 billion
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    k multiplier

    I have no idea of how to calculate questions regarding k multipler such as the the equibilruim level of income can someone help me?
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    Help!!! :(

    Read Ross Gittins articles they are extremely helpful and are to do with the current economy I wouldnt suggest reading the text book unless its for economic concepts (my teacher thinks the textbook is useless) Read everything related to economics in the newspaper ,RBA etc since most of the...
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    What motivates you to study?

    beat people who are way smarter than me
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    Dropping mathemtics

    whats the problem with doing no maths in year 11 and 12 teachers make it seem complusory
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    Anyone else off to Japan?

    cheers you have to be 20 to drink
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    Anyone else off to Japan?

    How much do you think it will cost? I'm going too and i wanna know how much will you guys bring
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    LOOKING for tutor of STANDARD ENGLISH, willing to travel

    Hi i'm looking from tutoring in Std English aswell i'm looking for someone in the north shore area PM
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    keeping up to date with current infomation this is the most important thing in economics