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    Studying @ UNSW – a guide from a student

    hey with the brown travel ten for ride to uni, do we just need to dip it in once??? thanks!!!
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    question about gen ed for summer session!

    hey guys! thanks for the advice... i think i only really wanted to do GENT0420: along the skilk road: conqereors, traders & explorers, so i might drop the second course. if i want to drop the course, do i just do it on myunsw before the census date (hence, no financial liability)? and is it...
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    question about gen ed for summer session!

    hi guys! i'm thinking of taking the gen ed courses GENT0420: along the skilk road: conqereors, traders & explorers and GENT0438: Islam in east asian and south-east asian countries during summer session... are these courses hard? are they easy to pass ? i'm bit nervous because i've looked at...
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    Medentry 2day course - worthy?

    hi!!! i did the 2 day course plus the online exams. with the online exams, they also include tips on how to tackle certain questions e.g. method used. i found those esp useful for section 3, which was initally my weakness. the actual 2 day workshop basically goes through the different types...
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    questions on unsw medicine!!!

    hi, i've heard about people downloading lectures off webCT... i've taken a look around but so far, i can only find ilectures. today in our 1st lecture, the lecturer said that we could find the powerpoint slides, lecture notes etc on webCT etc, so where would i be able to find it? and is it...
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    wow my.unsw looks MAD

    it's pretty, i agree... personally, takes toooooo loooooong to load on my comp....(maybe it's just me)
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    question on fee

    hi, i have a question (which sounds a lil silly but i just want someone to confirm it..): ok, i got a csp place at unsw and i have chosen to defer all my payments for student contribution fee (is that what it's called?) and not make any partial upfront payments... such that my liability...
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    Lonely for valentines?

    never had a valentine in my whole life... sometimes, when i see others so happy, it makes me so sad that i want to cry... but then i realise that valentine's day is only a marketing gimmick and it makes me a bit happier that i wipe my tears away...
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    Why are you still single?

    no one wants me...
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    feeling strange

    although i had always craved for freedom and no more school... i'm a bit scared and anxious about uni...
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    UNSW interviews

    it's mainly cv based- it's based on the application form you give in...
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    questions on unsw medicine!!!

    hey, when the med timetables are up for 1st years, can you guys tell me so... like post a message that they are up... pretty please- thanks... every time i go to myunsw for class timetables, all it says is 'tba' and the emed website doesnt work for me... thanks!
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    questions on unsw medicine!!!

    entry into a party or something...
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    questions on unsw medicine!!!

    hey, are you guys going to go to the med camp? do we have to get there by ourselves or will there will be a bus arranged for us?
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    questions on unsw medicine!!!

    hi, i recently offered a place at unsw for medicine. i have a lot of questions that i want to ask you guys... (sorry!) 1. has anyone enrolled yet? i've enrolled but not sure i've done it right, i enrolled in fmac1501 and fmac1503... is that what you enrolled in? (paranoia is beginning to seep...
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    My Problem

    hey, gelo... there's actually a link explaining all the 'trasnfer' businness in the general university discussion, just look around and it will explain teh whole thing about it aka gpa, uai considered etc. you should also check out teh insearch thing- (is it like felixble entry at usyd? hmmm...
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    HSC clerical recheck gave me an extra 2 marks! But UAC won't accept it?

    ooohhhh... congrats, they declined my clerical recheck, so i didnt get any extra marks... and wasted my 12 bucks but no probs... anyways, sure they will accept it...
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    Post your 2007 University Offers Here!

    bachelor of medicine/bachelor of surgery at unsw... v. happy
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    do guys really like skinny girls?

    thing is... skinny does not always equate to perfect body... there are the gawky skinnies (like me in year 9-10... tall and skinny... gawky... dorky... you get the picture...) the 'perfect' skinny is when when you are lean and tall, looking a bit like Gisele (is that how you spell her name) and...
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    Black bras under white (sheer) tops - opinions?

    i think depends on the look, and perhaps, how you carry it off.... i remember a few weeks ago seeing a middle- aged mother (presumably) wearing a pretty sheer singlet with her black bra standing out... not such a subtle look... (and not too good either...)lols