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    NEAP Chemistry paper

    Do any of you's have the Neap Chem paper online or something or rather? cause i would certainly like to view it - the nepean paper i did last year in year 12 didnt seem that bad.. if anyone has the paper please email: bertyboi@mr-potatohead.com
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    NEAP Chemistry paper

    Well at least you know what ur mistakes and stuff were right? At least it wasn tthe actual HSC exam itself
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    prelim notes

    For all science topics and subjects A few sites i'd recommend are http://u-sci.com http://www.howstuffworks.com (if your in physics)
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    The marks in your assessments arent only concentrated on your HSC assessment marks, lets say you got 40 % as your assessment mark however ur group assessment average was like 20%, and lets say in the HSC the group exam average was 80% then your individual assessment marks would get boosted up...
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    HSC Timetable HEEELPP plllzzzz...

    Maybe its for different levels of mathemathics?
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    yr 11 chemistry?

    In year 12 physics and chemistry or more related, because in physics the topic of Ideas to implementation you will be talking about Sem -conductors and Super Conductors, Semi = talking about Silicon and Germanium and the quantum numbers which will be easy if u learnt chemistry. Quantum numbers...
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    the mole

    The mole, is the amount of a substance in g relative to the C atom Eg. N is 14.00 grams i think, therefore 14 grams of nitrogen would be relative to a C atom. 1 mole of a substance contains 6.023 X 10e-23 atoms/molecules for ALL substances eg. One mole of H20 and one mole of NO2 would have the...
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    hydrogen ion and pH

    You must also remember with that pH = -log[H+] [H+] meaning concentration for each pH lets say for eg. pH = 1 and pH = 2 the amount of H+ in the pH of 1 solution is 10 times greater than the one with the pH 2 due to the log for base 10 other formulas to take note of pH + pOH = 14
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    Need guide to titrations

    Basically the moles = [ ] X Volume formula is the main one your going to be using, how you're going to implement it is depended on how well you know how to substitute and convert to SI units etc. To determine the concentration of potassium permanganate by titrating oxalic acid ~0.02mol/L...