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  1. K

    Multiple Choice

    Oh okay, yeah the only reason I had C for question 4 was because she was FORCED to hide the cigarettes and duress is doing something against your will. She wasnt provoked to hide them. But I dunno.
  2. K

    Multiple Choice

    The answer to 11 was C, Duress. That's what I said anyway.
  3. K

    Extended Responses

    What did everyone think? I found them very good, I think I have actually done all of them in class at some stage... Hope everyone liked them :)
  4. K

    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Yeah, I actually thought that for a second, but I put A because world cities have both national and international significance, so I saw 'regional' as also being extremely important to Thailand itself.
  5. K

    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    I loved the essay question for crime. soooo many genre theorists to talk about in relation to all texts and and yeah...it was very nice of them. I actually enjoyed writing that essay in comparison to extension ones in the past...I had to double check I was reading the right thing :)
  6. K

    General Thoughts: Geography

    for the social structure thing i spoke about classes nd how distinct classes are emerging throughout sydney due to flows - flows of wealth, employment and education. then i spoke about geographic polarisation and how affluent residents are residing in specific areas of the city and how the...
  7. K

    Section I - Multiple Choice

    ^^ 13 B is wrong. it asked why bangkok was a world city. sydney is a world city and doesnt need to have a population of over 8 million people. It was A because world city's are control centres of trade and centres for tourism.
  8. K

    Section I - Multiple Choice

    But the question said who would SUFFER MORE FINANCIALLY for it, and that would be the american travel agent wouldnt it?
  9. K

    How do you get your ATAR in December?

    So, you use UAC with your number and pin that you used for your preferences?
  10. K

    How do you get your ATAR in December?

    Thanks so much :) I've been getting mixed up with all of that and the UAC passwords and everything and just wasn't sure!
  11. K

    How do you get your ATAR in December?

    ...I've heard that you get it via text or in the mail or online, but I have no idea about any of this. Where abouts online, and I'm sure I haven't put my mobile number anywhere, so I wasn't sure and could be on holidays. If someone could pleeeeease tell me what happens and how you receive it...
  12. K

    Who is going overseas in the holidays after HSC?

    Fiji for 2 weeks with my friends, and then thailand early next year :) yaaaaaay.
  13. K


    you can bet your life they will be. godddddddddddddd i hate business studies -____- biggest waste of time all year.
  14. K

    Who is going to start studying for uni the day they finish the HSC?

    some people really have no sense of reality...or socialising.
  15. K

    Cut off

    Hi sorry, can you please explain this internal ranking thing to me. How does it actually work relating to the external hsc exams? sometimes, I swear I'm an idiot haha
  16. K

    question about hamlet.....

    I said the tension between confrontation and resloution was driven by the theme of appearances and reality in which Shakespeare crafts Hamlet's character with an obsession with discovering the truth within the corruption around him. Confrontation, I interpreted, was the act of revenge from his...
  17. K

    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    Module A: Pride and Prejudice was wickedddddddddddddddd :) Module B: Loved Hamlet too, because you could manipulate it. Module C History and Memory: I can't tell whether I answered the question properly or completely farked it. I seriously have no idea which way it'll go :S
  18. K

    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    last year the question referred simply to connections to places. That is directly from one of the first dot points of the syllabus. Ours required more thinking than that!!
  19. K

    What HSC marks are you aiming for?

    Advanced English - 92 Ext 1 English - 88 Business Studies - 92 Legal Studies - 92 Geography - 90 Ext 2 English - 75-80 SOR 1: 85 lol I hate this subject.