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    Who here will be ecstatic when modern is over?

    I'll be more than ecstatic, its my last HSC exam! Yay! For those of you that'll still be battlin' on, I wish you the best of luck.
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    Option: Multimedia

    i thought this was the easiest section thus far. the last question there was so damn much to write, honestly, you could've crapped on for years about that one! very happy i be :D
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    What is a communication protocol?

    thats what i defined it as.. a set of rules bla bla bla.. i used Internet Protocol (IP) as my example and outlined what it guarenteed and how it can be used in conjuction with TCP.
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    Easy Exam

    MICR = Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Magnetic ink is used to print characters which can then be read by a computer, such as on cheques. It is an important tool in preventing Cheque fraud.
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    Ugh that was really hard? How did you go?

    I thought it was great. A couple of multiple choice that not just me, but most of my grade at my school were a bit.. um.. stumped.. on. MICR I thought was an easy question.. but for those of you that found it hard, you're not alone! The rest of it was pretty good, similar to the trials...
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    Who came first in their ipt class :D

    i got 80.5 in the trial and i missed like 2/3 questions. Came fourth in my grade with about 83% all up I think. Peace Rach
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    Favourite band(s)

    Heres my 2 cents worth: John Mayer, Lior, The Red Paintings, Coldplay, Josh Kelley, Damien Rice, Hanson (I know... shut up), Low Millions, Ben Lee, Ben Folds, Big Japan, Missy Higgins, Evermore, Thirsty Merc, Brooke Fraser, Michelle Branch, Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, Rain-Market, Taxiride, Michael...
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    Preparing & studying for IPT hsc

    I find IPT the easiest subject to study for. For the trials, I simply read my Excel Book and Heinemann book once each, and I came top of my grade. Basically, syllabus and textbook - thats my 2 cents. Peace Rach
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    2005 HSC Answers

    According to those answers I got 97%! Very happy, indeed!
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    Lear - Two Different 'Productions'

    I've been reading a fair bit on here about having to know about two different King Lear 'Productions'. I've studied different readings, and know a little about Nahum Tate's version.. Do I need to know any more than this for a question that asks me to discuss two different 'Productions'? A...
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    First, second or third person??!!

    I think its always best to stick to third person, its more formal. Teachers have always told me and my classmates to stay away from first person essays.
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    JMC Academy 2006

    Anyone here going to JMC next year? I'm going to do Music Business.
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    Group Interview for Sanity

    I was asked to go for one, but when I told them that I was away for like a week at christmas, they hung up! Then, they rang me AGAIN and double checked that I was going away, but told me to call them after christmas because I had good references etc.. and they'd like to take me on... Is that...
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    ** Music Industry **

    I'm going to JMC Academy next year to do Music Business.. If you want to get into the business/management/marketing side of things, I'll warn you now.. its A LOT of luck.. I'm working with Lior, but only because one day I emailed him and said I liked his music offering my assistance. There is...
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    Please read.. creative piece..

    i did it in forty minutes and i typed it after i hand-wrote it and i dont trust computer grammer - its crap! thanks for your responses though so if i perhaps did it from him to say an old friend or something??
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    Please read.. creative piece..

    thanks! muchly appreciated.
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    Please read.. creative piece..

    i'm not abandoning paragraphing, they're indented on my word doc - i promise!!! peace rach
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    Please read.. creative piece..

    ‘Journeys are an extension of personal boundaries’ Write a letter to your relative about a recent journey you have encountered, discussing the above quote. Rachel Jones 123 Alphabet Rd Alphabet Ville NSW 1234 AUSTRALIA October 11, 2005 Aunt Lucy 234 Number Rd Notre Dame FRANCE...
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    Please read my Sec 3 response...

    Journey Essay ‘The journey is a voyage of discovery’ Discuss this statement with reference to your prescribed text, one text from the stimulus booklet and an additional text. A journey is not merely a trip from point A to point B, most people don’t realise the true depth of a journey...
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    Feedback Please :D

    Could I get some feedback on this please, thanks! ‘The journey is a voyage of discovery’ Discuss this statement with reference to your prescribed text, one text from the stimulus booklet and an additional text. A journey is not merely a trip from point A to point B, most people don’t...