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    [selling notes] legal (93) ancient history (90)

    Hey everyone I've completed the HSC in 2014, having scored Band 6s in Legal Studies, Ancient History and Advanced English. Credentials can be provided upon request. ** more notes to be added soon. Why you should purchase my notes I produced my study notes keeping in mind that absolutely...
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    atar estimate after trials

    school rank: 600 adv eng - 2/12 biology - 1/38 ancient history - 2/15 legal studies - 2/24 society and culture - 1/11
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    Some people get 60s, 70s, and like.. one 80s mark throughout a subject and end up with a final assessment mark of 85-86ish. how does that happen?
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    Question on rankings..

    Why are internal rankings so important and how do they affect your HSC? i actually have no clue on this topic
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    Active v passive voice in legal essays?

    Hey, when writing legal essays, are you supposed to use active or passive voice and if so, how do you apply the concept of either active or passive voice to legal studies essays?
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    Assessment mark

    Do the marks that you get in your school assessments contribute to your assessment mark in the HSC? Because I heard that assessments in school are only used to determine rankings and they have nothing to do with your assessment mark. Can somebody please clarify this up for me?
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    "To what extent are courts the only means of achieveing justice within the cjs..."

    Re: "To what extent are courts the only means of achieveing justice within the cjs... I would say that courts provide justice, but aren't the only avenue in doing so. Then i'd mention alternatives such as circle sentencing and youth justice conferences and whether they're effective or ineffective
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    NEED HELP - Agrippina the younger assignment

    Hi I have an ancient history assignment with the question 'To what extent was Agrippina the Younger an influential political figure during Nero's accession and reign' How would I go about answering this question? i'm a bit unsure at the moment. any help and tips would be great
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    Need help on survey questions - PIP

    Hey, i'm doing my PIP on the effects of social isolation on the individual. and my cross-cultural perspective is between adolescents and the elderly. What are some potential questions I could ask in a survey?