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    Online list of Main round offers

    I was confused this morning myself until I noticed the 2010 lol... poor form of SMH to not have updated it.
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    Reminder: Tax File Number

    I lost my TFN and called up last Thursday and I received it in the post on Monday. Now, I don't know how long the process would be for acquiring a new one altogether if you previously haven't, but I was quite pleased with the speed at which they dealt with my concern.
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    Post your 2011 University Offers here

    Bachelor of Arts with Bachelor of Laws - full time at Macquarie University.
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    Share your 2010 ATAR here

    91.40... considering I did piss weak subjects like Retail and Senior Science with no maths, I am quite happy. =P
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    How accurate are ATAR calculators?

    Both ATAR calculators available for use (Matrix & Einstein) have estimated me with 91.10... the thing is I need 92.05 for University. To what degree are the calculators usually out? Thanks.