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    Any one else totaly bugger up the busines exam?

    Yeah I was sick too... I couldn't concentrate or think... I will be lucky if I get 50% which is a shame cause I usually do pretty well in business studies....
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    Ancient Exam

    I'm sorta ready. Not knowing what is going to be in the exam makes it so much harder cause I didn't know what to focus on. But I wrote about 32 pages of notes. Good luck everyone!
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    does anyone else have random songs in their head during exams??

    I have the stupid oompaloompa song stuck in my head from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It better be gone before my Ancient exam tomorrow. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hatshepsut's relationship with officials and nobles.

    Thanks... I just wasn't really sure what they wanted... that's all. Cheers :)
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    Going crazy or just stressed?

    Yesterday morning before my Bio exam I woke up at like 5.30 in the morning and it was really light and I started freaking out because I thought it was later and I had slept though my alarm and missed my exam. I got out of bed and started screaming until I looked at the clock and realised what...
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    Hatshepsut's relationship with officials and nobles.

    Can someone help me out with this? I'm not really sure what her relationship with the officials and nobles was like?
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    yeah I'm screwed for bio too. My teacher was shit and I always got bored in bio lessons so I ended up zoning out and doing my own thing. I don't remember of any of the experiments we did. And I've done pretty shit all year, I'm sure this exam isn't going to change. Oh well. I've done well in...
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    Maintaining a balance notes

    Enzymes and Homeostasis:- * For the body to function properly it needs constant internal conditions. The nervous system and the endocrine system monitor the body and maintain a constant internal environment. * Enzymes are large protein molecules which speed up chemical reactions. Each...
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    Organisational culture

    Hey guys/girls can anyone explain the importance of organisational culture to how a business manages changes?
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    The academy

    Has anyone seen this video? My class watched it but I was away that day and now we have an assesment task and we have to use it for a related text... If anyone could tell me ANYTHING about I would really appreciate it!
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    Business MSN study group....

    add me if you want... I dunno how much I would be able to help... but anyways... oOMoonlight_AngelOo@hotmail.com
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    Research task

    Hey guys/girls Our class is doing a big assesment task which is worth 30%. We have to choose a large company and write a report on how the business has managed change, we have to refer to the business style of management, marketing, employment relations and financial info. The company I...
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    Seti I and Ramses II

    I have to write an essay to say whether Ramses II and Seti I were sucessful in re-establishing the empire of Thutmose III. I'm thinking not, Thutmose III was such a great pharaoh, he left a lot for them to live up too. What does everyone else think and why?
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    Ramses II sources...

    Yeah... I still can't find anything that historians wrote about Ramses II and the social changes he made to Egypt. *sigh*
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    Ramses II sources...

    Does anyone know where I can find some good sources for Ramses II? I have to write a 5 minutes speech on how he changed the society... Anything would be greatly appreciated... I'm getting desperate!
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    Please Help!

    Does anyone know the product(s) produced by Alcohol Fermentation... I've been searching this for what seems to be like hours and I can't find anything useful.... any help would be appreciated!
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    Our bio class has to design an experiment to show how changing one of the substances needed for fermentation, affects the product produced. The method needs to show a control, the variable you are testing and how you would control all other variables. If anyone could give me some tips or...
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    Sin, Cos and Tan.

    Thank you all very much for your help, I think I'm starting to get it now. I appreciate all your input very much.
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    Sin, Cos and Tan.

    How do I find the value of a pronumeral when there is no right angle??
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    Sin, Cos and Tan.

    I hate this and it seems like I don't get ANY of it. Am I the only one that doesn't understand this? Because I am feeling really stupid right now... I hate not knowing how to do things, it makes me feel dumb. :mad: