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  1. J

    elements??? of the dreaming....

    does anyone have any idea what they were meaning by elements???
  2. J

    ecumenical development

    i wrote about the formation of the National council of Churches... i think that was ecumenical??
  3. J

    ecumenical development

    just wondering what everyone wrote for the short answer question on the ecumenical development in Aus. Christinity?
  4. J

    social change?

    yeah thats what i wrote too superbird.. some of those short answer questions were so left field... just worded really strangely (it took me ages to work out exactly what they were asking for)
  5. J

    social change?

    what did everyone put for the short answer q about Christianity's development due to social change?? ......
  6. J

    Multiple choice answers

    i got: B B B D C B D C B C (guessed this one :) )
  7. J

    artificial blood

    how did you go about justifying its development and research??
  8. J


    Thread for communication.. How did everyone go? i found the questions to be a little obscure and not really at all what i was expecting.