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    is anyone else feeling LOST at uni?

    I just don't understand how I'm supposed to make notes or know what to study :s The lectures I have gone to so far have been so strange and filled with random things
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    is anyone else feeling LOST at uni?

    I'm feeling so lost at uni. I don't understand how I'm going to study without a proper syllabus???
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    OMG !!! dw about your height! you are actually around the average height. When I look at a guy and think they have a good body, face their height is absolutely irrelevant! The only thing is that it is less likely they you will score with a girl above 1.80cm but would you want a girl of that...
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    Post your favourite TV show title sequences/themes.

    JERSEY SHORE WAS THE BEST... Now Vanderpump rules
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    tennis club UTS? what's it like

    I will be doing medical science. What is the BIT course?
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    2013 Autumn Semester Timetables (UTS)

    hi, can someone please tell me what the number on the second row means e.g. Prc1, 05 ?? is 5 the week it starts or... :O?
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    tennis club UTS? what's it like

    Yeah I'll probably join on orientation day. When's yours? And which course are you doing
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    tennis club UTS? what's it like

    What's it like? fun? friendly people? where are games held etc & anyone on here joining
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    2013 UTS Rollcall

    I'll be there on 21st as well but for science all students
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    UWS vs MQ

    Why do people speak like this? UWS can't be that bad. I went to their open days and from what I saw they looked just as good if not better than some of the ones located in the city!
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    2013 UTS Rollcall

    Which dates are you all going to the orientation day?
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    So how much did you do in the holidays?

    I feel soooOOoo sorry for you guys! It seems like only yesterday you started your school holidays and now you're resuming next week already. Uni students have an extra month after you go back
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    How/where do i get a train concession card?

    Yes! When you get your library card
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    Anyone doing B Medical Science?

    R u sure? I think it was only for science students hence, why we could only enrol once we went in?
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    Anyone doing B Medical Science?

    It was an English literacy test consisting of a 100-150 word response. Lol I have no idea why they'd make us do it seeing as we already have a score next to our English HSC. && Omgsh did you notice the band box :O .. I don't want it back! I made up the biggest BS
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    Anyone doing B Medical Science?

    Just so you know... You're going to have to do a test on the day. SO GAY. How did everybody go?
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    Anyone doing B Medical Science?

    Which day are you going? & Why would you? I'm going on my own to both enrollments + orientation.
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    O-week UNSW

    Yes it is earlier. It's between Feb 20-22. Are you studying at UTS?