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    put ur hands up.......

    ay...me- B arts B creative Arts..... Anyone else doing the audition 4 CA on the 27/11??? Much love.....
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    How'd You's Go?

    heya!! I liked both questions.....i did.. 1) Australian - 7 stages and Running up a dress -10 pages... 2) American - Streetcar and Our town - 8 pages.. I thought section one (oz) was harder than American...I thought it would be so much more broad.. but i rambled alot of crap and I felt...
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    wtf is vocation

    i screwed up bad in that vocation thing...i made up this experiment kinda question (I didnt know what it was asking!) My "vocation" LOL was - how far do the employers travel to get to work (a farm in W quad).. then my research would be actually travelling with each worker and recording km's and...
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    geo hsc 2003

    I wrote 8, 9, 9 =26 altogether..(is that right LOL) I didnt like the 2nd section GAYYYYYY.....
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    What was your fav question???

    my fav question was Mega cities 4 sure!!!!! i really really didnt like the second section, but the skills were great!!!:) Much love..
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    Whats the scaling for Geography like?

    Ringo, hey gorgeous! its HOL! I saw u and went YEHH!!...im kinda freakin bout tomo exam. Im good with ecosystems n tourism...but SYDNEY! AHHH! love ya. c u soon
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    how was the exam?

    Music 1 was great!!! Some of them were kinda freaky though ay!! Like the one with that major screeching sound at the begining!!!!! But i think I went well...I like the first piece the best it was funky!! The 'unity' q was very pretty.. GO MUSIC...no more ever...:( Goodluck...
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    How Many Writing Books did you use?

    Man some of you guys r freakz! I filled the 3 and that was it!!! Much love...