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    USYD Law Student | English and Economics Tutor

    Hello! I have recently graduated Knox Grammar School and achieved an ATAR of 99.55. I have extensive experience tutoring students, currently teaching English at two tutoring centres. With numerous hours of tutoring experience and encountering students of varying ability, I believe the best...
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    HSC English Advanced 96 External Essays for sale

    The raw marks I received in each section, adding up to 93/100 which scaled to a 96/100 Paper 1 Shorts; 18/20 Paper 1 Essay: 18/20 Paper 2 Mod A: 19.5/20 Paper 2 Mod B: 18.5/20 Paper 2 Mod C (4/5 + 15/15) = 19/20
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    HSC English Advanced 96 External Essays for sale

    Hi all, graduated in 2022 with 99.55 ATAR from Knox Grammar School with 96 external in English Advanced and 95 Overall (1st in year group). Selling essays used in HSC English Advanced Exam. Each document will come with extra paragraphs that covers all main themes ensuring you will be prepared...
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    Anyone have aural exam tips for music?

    I have perfect pitch and its pretty damn easy. Just listen to it and write down what you hear.