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    BAcc '07

    me it's the holy grail of a business degree and that's all there is to it...
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    UTS Accounting: Judgement Day

    vagabond goes to hurlstone ag
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    ... those incompetent supervisors juniors squealing during pe class right outside
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    Maths Ext 1 - General thoughts on the exam

    a sure fail for me i think i only attempted 30 out of the 84 marks hopefully i don't fuck anything else up as hard as this.. it shouldn't come to that, so it won't count fuck by the way bubz, the lyrics in your signature are wrong
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    Music 1 Exam Thoughts...

    there were a lot of expressive techniques used in teh last piece in the trumpet alone fortepiano, rubato, slides, crescendos etc although i'm sure you weren't the only one who couldn't do it
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    Music 1 Exam Thoughts...

    Re: Thoughts... is there any way you can get the full version of that sting song? i've found the original arrangement.. but i want the brodsky quartet one.. it's beautiful..
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    how many words in english essays?

    i've been taught that you don't measure your essays by words in the exam you write however much you can in 40 mins no more no less
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    UTS Accounting: Judgement Day

    yaaayyyyy... this is vagabond's friend from school i'm really wowed out =D very very stoked congrats candii
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    Marxist interpretation of King Lear

    A Marxist reading of King Lear argues – overtly – in favour of the ruling aristocratic group and a denunciation of the new groups. A Marxist reading of King Lear reveals a juncture between the old feudal form and the emerging capitalist form of society. don't ask me what that means. i am...
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    Albert Speer Essay Questions

    amutha you are a lazy turd. there's no way you can have something typed and say its handwritten. just copy it out. its good practise, seeing as you actually have to write in all your exams anyway. i would also like to know how to approach writing notes for a task such as this. same school. same...
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    2004 modern history hsc paper

    hey, would someone be as kind as to upload a copy of this paper? or at least section 1, q1-3 i went to bos and the link simply isn't working, i get a blank screen, but with the other pdf links on the page, everything is in fine working order. it's just the one single link i need that doesn't...
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    2006 Ag Students

    it'll be daunting at first because as you said, the kids in your class already know a lot of the stuff and for them its just an extension, but you will be beginning, but you'll get the hang of it it's an easy subject where you can score considerably good marks with little effort the stuff is...
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    the great escape

    i'm going! just on friday for silverchair soo excited
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    student teacher relationships

    one of the guys that went to my school is going out a teacher... they've been together for almost a year. he's finished school when it officially started though, so its all legal i think its completely wrong, but yer