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    Just Wondering

    Hola, My mate has a relative that is a tutor I think for accounting/finance at UTS. Her name is Margot diviny. Just curious as to what she's like lmao. cheers
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    Senior Geography Project

    I interviewed a decent chunk of my year group and some year 12's about their view on housing affordability. I asked if they are concerned about their future ability to buy property, reasons why and then asked for suggestions the government could implement or modify to ease the pressure.
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    What do you think of my subject choices?

    *team meeting at NESA* #1: OK peeps how many modules each year for biology #2: How about we have 4 modules per year, but have the content of 5+ #1: Congrats boi you just became head of NESA
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    ATAR estimate please ?

    you know the school is good when more people do 3U/4U maths then 2U lmao
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    Should i keep or bin old year 10 school work ?

    I love a good bonfire...
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    ATAR Estimate

    The peeps who are best at estimates need actual %% marks to make it more accurate, good luck
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    Is my atar saveable

    Like Robbie said, what ATAR are you aiming for? What marks do you want? Some of your marks are good but its not very useful for us in trying to answer your question if you don't give us other helpful info :) Good luck.
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    Ext eng prelim help?????

    You're helpful aren't ya...
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    2019s Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    In response to strawberrye study advice, specifically tip 5. http://educationstandards.nsw.edu.au/wps/portal/nesa/11-12/hsc/exam-advice-resources/glossary-keywords there ya go :)
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    Tips and strategies for HSC mathematics.

    1130pm end...lmao im alseep by 10 screw the grind
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    2019s Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    if u have heaps of pens with that weird hook on the lid and you wanna be edgy, hook as many as you can onto the hook and it will look like a big pen skyscraper.
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    Medicine ?

    shut down
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    Where do you want to TRAVEL in the WORLD and WHY?

    tbh hiring a car in western europe, picking a random place on google maps and then driving there and checking out stuff along the way sounds good. i cbf to come up with a schedule
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    2019s Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    1) chuck phone out of the window 2) download self control or cold turkey, (i use self control sometimes on mac) 3) put in all the webstites you get distracted by and set a time 4) turn off music (people say it helps but you end up focusing on the songs, even when you 'forget' your listening to...
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    Any study tips for Preliminary HSC?

    Go outside, sit in a chair and drink a milkshake.
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    2019s Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    prelim course in 8 weeks...Saturday school...all i can say is bruh. But why tho? lmao
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    2019s Prelim HSC Chit Chat Thread

    as ifffffff
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    Bit of a favour

    Can someone dm me a copy of Hugh Chilton's thesis? its called "Evangelicals and the end of Christian Australia: nation and religion in the public square, 1959-1979". I saw a little bit of it before and it seemed a bit interesting Many thanks
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    How many hours should I be studying?

    What ever floats ya boat tbh, just roll with it.