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    ANU halls/colleges

    Hey, I actually just finished my first year there and it was probably the best experience I've ever had in my life. The people are great - you get a great mix of people from everywhere! The kitchen is definitely the hub of B&G and if you're interested in having a good social life, that is the...
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    International Relations/Law

    Hi Gymer, I think the class you want to enrol in is FREN1003, which is what I'm doing to in my IR/Law degree too!!!!! I enrolled in it via ISIS but I am going to go to Melville Hall too just to make sure I've done everything correctly. See you all next week!!!
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    Anu 2013

    Got mine too!
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    Accommodation offers

    Mainly tell them why you would be amazing for that college and what you can offer. Burgmann, Bruce and Johns will be much harder to get a spot, but I'd say that UniLodge and Fenner would still have quite a few places and the accom is quite nice. I'm at B&G, and don't actually know anyone there...
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    Accommodation offers

    It's probably quite hard to tell... I would strongly advise you call the colleges/unilodges directly and plead to them to give you a spot, because they generally leave a few rooms spare to people who do that. They can avoid emails by simply not replying, but they can't avoid a phone call if...
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    ANU Roll Call 2013

    B&G anyone?
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    ISIS info

    Hey has anyone gotten their ISIS login info yet? I was told that we'd get it on the 26th but that didn't happen, and I think law people are supposed to enrol tomorrow... any ideas anyone?
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    Anu 2013

    Still not totally sure about exchange and minors yet... I'm considering changing to Arts/Law when I get down (so I have more subject freedom), or maybe change next year. I don't want to fall behind in French so I will enrol in that too and maybe major in French in Arts when I transfer and still...
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    Anu 2013

    Yeah buddy! IR is hard to timetable because it depends on how many subjects you want to do in 1st semester. I'm most likely doing 2 IR subjects (Intro to IR & French (or whichever language I end up choosing)) so mine looks something like this: But yeah, everyone does POLS1005 I believe...
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    Anu 2013

    I've heard we might not get an acknowledgement of acceptance. Did you get the email from the Dean about enrolment with ISIS? Hi fellow ANU Law student!!!!! Have you included tutorials in your calculation? They don't appear on the timetabling website but they're in the course description, and...
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    ANU help

    Apparently confirmed timetabling and everything happens in O-week (woooo party) for most things but not Law. I got an email from the Dean of Law this arvo so I assume you got one too, and it pretty much says that Law is all online and we will receive info in the next few weeks about enrolment...
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    Post Your 2013 University Offers Here

    Law/International Relations at ANU! I can't actually believe it!!!!!!
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    ANU Roll Call 2013

    So who is coming to ANU!?!?!? I got Law/IR :) so stoked!
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    Will i make my course?

    It's definitely very much possible, but it's very hard to tell. Popular degrees such as Commerce can often change year by year based on the ATARs of the applicants, plus how many spots the university wants to fill which is incredibly hard to predict. Also, last year was the first of University...
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    Current Atar Calculator Accuracy

    Most accurate ATAR Calculator Hi guys, I was looking at what my ATAR might be like for tomorrow, and I was wondering, what do you all think is the most accurate ATAR calculator online? Yes, I know it changes year by year, but generally, what is the most accurate (mainly out of Einstein, Talent...
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    Definitely know one in a lot of depth, but make sure you know enough about all of the others in case the question leans too far against your best contemporary issue. As there are always two possible questions to answer, you'll probably be fine, but just in case, you wouldn't want to risk...
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    What HSC marks are you aiming for?

    English Adv: 92 English X1: 46 English X2: 47 Ancient History: 93 Legal Studies: 95 Music 2: 95 Music Extension: 48
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    How does Module A, specifically Crime Writing align/scale?

    How about for After the Bomb?
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    music 2 band 6 cutoffs?

    It's normally around a raw mark of 81 to get a band 6. Obviously, it really depends on the strength of your class in such a competitive subject. It mainly does well because the candidature is so good across the board, and only a select few schools offer it.