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  1. J

    Help With Characterisation

    Watch Cuba Gooding Jnr's performance in Radio
  2. J

    When are the judges for performance coming to your school?

    21st August for GP and 22nd for IP
  3. J

    Yay I finished Trials yayness thread

    I done my english paper 2 today, got ancient history tomorrow :mad1:
  4. J

    Tiberius Gracchus

    I'm just asking what would be an example of a decent first sentence for this essay, not the whole essay.
  5. J

    Tiberius Gracchus

    I have to do an essay on this statement: What were the motives of Tiberius Gracchus in proposing the Lex Agraria of 133BC? How did his actions threaten the long established authority of the Senate? What's a good way to start it off?
  6. J

    auto or manual

    I'm currently on my Ls and driving auto but I want to learn manual when my driving skills are perfected.
  7. J

    Australia Drama question

    What would be a good way to start off this essay? My drama exam is tomorrow =/
  8. J

    Australia Drama question

    I meant, she said those questions that she gave us will be very similar to the half-yearlys
  9. J

    Australia Drama question

    Australian Plays - 7 Stages of Grieving & A Beautiful Life American Plays - A Streetcar Named Desire and Desire Under The Elms
  10. J

    onstage 06

    My favourites were doing it for the penguins, humpty dumpy and vegans. least favourite would probably be that johnny one
  11. J

    Australia Drama question

    Today our drama teacher told us the questions that's going to be in our half yearlys and the questions are: (1) Australian Theatre - "Australian plays explores the different ways people cope when things change or go wrong" Discuss this statement with reference to the dramatic forms, styles...
  12. J

    How did you go in BOS performance???

    I passed
  13. J

    Who is the illustrator of ''The Ivory Trail'' cover

    Kelleher, Victor, The Ivory Trail, cover, Penguin, Melbourne, 2001
  14. J

    Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.. that's a journey, right??

    Can you someone email me the notes? silver.batman@gmail.com
  15. J

    Final Fantasy X as a related text

    I'm planning to use Final Fantasy X (which is a video game on PS2) as a related text...is it a bad idea to use a video game? would anyone have any notes?