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    General Chatter

    It's over! atleast for me >_> That was a noice test...not tooooo bullshit p_o what do you guys think? And I get to party now ^_^
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    oh noes!

    Here's to them not asking a bullshit question for the creative writing :mad1: 19th century ways of thinking ftw p_o
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    Post Exam Bitch

    I did one page for King Lear. FAILURE
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    did anyone else mix up "photographers" with "photographs"

    I think the HSC is full of stupid tests p_o
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    Better Start Studying Boyz!

    That test sucked balls p_o
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    Better Start Studying Boyz!

    It's 7.03am on 20th of October...guess I better start studying >_> Good luck to all of you!
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    USA 1898 - 1941

    justin briggs...just remember....justin briggs >_>
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    ok guys...how many topics have u all completed?

    i got my modern trials tomorrow...im so screwed T_T BETTER START STUYDING BOYZ! >_>
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    Pride and Prejudice

    Pride and Prejudice ftw! <_<