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    Studies of Religion I

    Because the question was so unexpected and a lot of people, such as myself, would have incorporated the three things (person as well as ceremony and ethics) they will probably end up having to accept both types of answers.
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    General Thoughts: English Extension 1

    My creative fit exactly with the question, I was so happy because that has always been my weak point so hopefully goes well :) The essay wasn't too bad, I mean it wasn't ideal for me but it wasn't a struggle to make it work. Overall I am just so glad it's over and so happy it went as well as it did!
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    Disappointed with Maths...

    I think I'm disappointed too, I just realised how many marks I missed that I could have easily gotten. It really sucks, but we're not the only ones. I guess we just need to try extra hard in our other subjects to pull maths up!
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    Why is the time constriction on english exams so tight?

    I never usually have problems with time constraints but this was the first exam I didn't finish, I'm not even sure how I didn't. All I left out though was a part of the last short answer question so I missed one quote from it so basically that's just one mark. I was upset though because last...
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    Hey we do all the same texts :) the Hamlet question was by far my favourite, Frankenstein/Blade Runner wasn't too bad either and 50th Gate was sort of weird because it didn't have much to do with history and memory at first glance, but I think I made it work. My trial results were 18, 19 and 19...
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    How did you write the number of booklets on the front page?

    I wrote the question number, name of the core text and used the second format which was exactly what I was told to do. The first method just sounds so wrong to me.
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    How many pages did you write for each section?

    Frankenstein/Blade Runner: 8 50th Gate: 7 Hamlet: 7 My handwriting is like an average size.
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    Trial Results and Papers

    My school is 190. Those marks are like the usual for people at my school though, which sounds shitty but what I mean is that people have got those maths and chemistry marks etc and performed overly well in the HSC. Besides, you said the marks don't matter? I have been studying hours each day to...
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    Trial Results and Papers

    Well it's a bit late to tell me that I should of got higher marks... Where can I find its ranking? I can't find it on the Internet any where.
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    Trial Results and Papers

    Can some one please tell me if its possible to get 95 with these marks/ranks? The marks are averages for all tests during the year and out of 100. I don't know what my school is ranked but its not in the top 100. English Advanced: 2nd of 52, 91% English Extension One: 3rd of 11, 86% English...
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    Study Timetable

    Today studying outside helped me a lot, I got 6 hours of work done in no time and I'm planning to do more tonight. I find what's best for me is planning out what I'm doing, when and for how long and making sure I have breaks in between to rest my brain and to act as a reward. Setting goals...
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    Study Timetable

    Are you going to the lectures by yourself? I want to go to a legal studies one but I'm very anxious and shy and I can't find any one to go with :( do you think it'll be okay to go by myself?
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    Study Timetable

    In these weeks leading up to the HSC what is your study timetable like? How many hours are you doing per day and how are you studying? For me personally I am re-writing all my notes from scratch, because it helps me to remember them, and then I'll be doing heaps of past papers and re-drafting...
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    Assessment ranks?

    When do we receive the rankings for each of our subjects? Like what we are ranked just within our school? I keep reading different things and it's really confusing me, I just need a straight answer!
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    Bonus points?

    I'm sort of confused about how people get extra ATAR points, I know you can get them for duke of ed and some other things, by my friend just brought to my attention that if a member of your immediate family passes away it's possible to apply for extra points? He says that his sister did it when...
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    Navigating the Global - Heaney

    Hey guys I really need some help in writing a speech about this module. We're required to discuss two of Seamus Heaney's poems and I'm stuck between Funeral Rites, Digging and Punishment. I really want to do Funeral Rites and Punishment but I feel like Digging would be a better choice as it has...