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    Do I have a chance?

    So I've been to one semester of fine arts at UWS, 2006, then deferred it till sem 2 2007 because I thought I'd make it to TAFE fashion design. I didn't, so basically I've been doing nothing (besides working p/t) since July 2007. I really want to transfer to COFA (the same course), the problem...
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    The Official 2006 UWS Student List

    fine arts @ penrith
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    Is is hard to transfer from UWS?

    i was getting a little worried about not being able to transfer from uws. i'm currently doing fine arts at uws, is it possible to transfer to design at cofa/unsw? if i cant i am so leaving uni, thats how desperate i am :(
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    General Transfering Q

    i got into fine arts/uws but i want to get into fine arts/unsw. if i do really good, will i be successful in transferring cos they're both the same title and some same subjects?
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    Anyone going to COFA in 2006?

    you guys are so lucky man. i would kill to get into fine arts, but i cant cos my stupid uai is too low :(
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    Recalculating UAI

    i am in the same position as you. i do adv eng maths business studies mod. history vis. art ipt and i got a mark not far from yours. it has extremely disappointed me! i really believed i was going to get in the 70's but not that low! i am so f*****, my parents are mad and i cant...
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    Stupid exam...

    can someone please explain the 'dick swallow' joke? has it got to do with austin powers, cos i haven't watched the movie. yeah i'm a bit slow :D
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    Stupid exam...

    i found 1a hard as well....couldn't think of much to say. what did you guys put for 1b ? i'd actually like to own those in real life!
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    Modern History Exam Thoughts (merged)

    WW1: screwed up the battle of the somme bit, Germany: screwed it totally. will be my worst i bet. Speer: i) got some dates and facts wrong, ii) couldn't think of much to write Indochina, a) didn't mention important things like vietnamisation result probably band 1 =(
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    Anyone else go crap......

    i totally forgot what totalitarian state was, so i chose the other one - just mentioned previous chancellors. i even forgot that word man! i think i'll get 3/20 for that part. i'm so screwed.
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    My Answers

    haha you know for 24)b) i mentioned how some patients can interfere or damage with the system thing next to their bedside .. like kids that like to play :)
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    What is a communication protocol?

    i wrote a definition for protocol, didn't mention handshaking, forgot to give an example. i think i get a half mark =(
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    Art Express?

    i got considered, but i didn't make it *sob. only one person in my school did. i just hope i get a very good mark =)
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    Pre-uni tutoring

    nope, the bald guy is ric, i've only had him for one lesson. he's pretty good at explaining as well.
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    Fashion Design Adv.dip @ Ultimo

    is anyone currently applying for this course? 9 artworks to submit man. oof! how many students do you think get accepted?
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    Pre-uni tutoring

    i went to homebush pre uni for english and maths this year terms 2 & 3. i reckon robert wills is good at explaining..he actually made eng a bit interesting for me. didn't really enjoy maths though!
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    Module B: Critical Study of Texts (Merged)

    i found king lear the hardest out of all of them. i didn't know what to write for launguage and construction!!
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    Who does not give a rats ass abt the HSC? =P

    at first it was everything, then something, now nothing. i've given up. TAFE for me it is. in basic terms it's pissing me off.
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    2005 HSC Art Major works

    tanka, they're awesome. it must have taken ages to draw(?). i think you'll get in!
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    Subjects that you regret doing

    i so regret doing ipt. it's so bloody boring and i think it's useless to me in the future. i wanted to drop it in year 11 but 12 units is better than 10 (since i'm failing maths) it's all rotten theory!