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    What Do You Reckon You Got?

    the integrator says.... that survey was easier than 4-unit (poor unit) maths. I finished that paper quicker than all you guys in bed combined (hahaha) peace out
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    shuld i do 4u? :S

    The Integrator says: The integrator does not think you can handle 4 unit (or poor unit, as i like to call it). Based on the quality of your posts i think you would be struggling to to intermediate primary school maths Peace Out, and remember "Eleven plus...
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    The 2004 HSC - Mathematics Extension 2 Paper

    u guys suck more than a black hole (or those girls kissing if u have a social life). As Edgar Allan Poe and the great Morry Wood once said "all who aren't called the integrator.......suck" Peace out
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    The End Is Nigh!!

    all the integrator says is.... James Ruse forever, you guys never!!!!!! Once, i pity the fool who doesn't get over approx 28 pi or 90 percent as you losers put it. The integrator is a shoe-in for first in the state. Don't worry guys, second is the first loser (haha) Peace out
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    aced it

    The integrator replies: someone needs to differentiate their attitude. the integrator didnt get 2 where he is today with a negative (haha) look at mathematics, or as the integrator puts it, mathemagics. peace out
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    aced it

    That was the easiest 4 unit test that i have ever seen. I pity the fool who didn't get over 97%
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    poor unit

    4 Unit? HA! more like POOR UNIT!!!