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    CALLING all 2008 UNE students

    You're tossing up between Albies and Robb? Come on, there clearly isn't any competition there- Robb is the best for sure!!!
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    Bachelor of Languages or International Studies

    A couple of my mates are doing them both as a double degree, but one of them doesn't like it and is going to drop the languages
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    That exam was perfect in every way.

    I did a practise essay with the exact question b of the Conflict in Pacific question a week before the exam ao I was heaps pleased!!!
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    How many pages did you write?

    I wrote: WWI booklet - had to use extra Germany- 8 pages Speer- 4 & 7 Conflict in Pacific- 8 pages I was happy with that, I think I answered the questions without crapping on too much!
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    Random Q's

    Thanks alot for answering my questions ;)
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    Random Q's

    Hey guys! I just have some random questions here- 1)Can anyone tell me about the residential scholarships? I mean like, what kind of information do you need to give them, how many scholarships do they tend to give out etc. Also, it said on their website that info about the scholarships would be...
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    Modern history/society and culture.

    I love modern history!!! We're doing Nazi Germany at the moment and it's heaps interesting. You do have to write essays and things but I guess you have to do that for most non-sciency subjects. I also do extension history, and thats okay, too. My friend does Society and culture and she really...