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    Share your 2013 ATAR here

    90.70 :D My aim was 85 and I didn't think I'd even achieve that, so I am absolutely stoked!
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    Essay structure

    It is better to integrate the texts, BUT only if you do it well. If you can't do it well, it often gets really confusing and it is harder to write about when integrating them, so if you can't do it, it is probably better not to do so. That said, IF YOU CAN, try and integrate. Personally, I don't...
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    Section 1 - Stimulus

    Text 1 and 2 were FINE.But Text 3 and 4? Honestly? What even was that!? I am willing to bet that I received a maximum of 2/5 for the longer short response question - so terrible! :'(
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    Section 2 - Creative Writing

    I wrote a story based on a migrant and her experiences on Christmas day in the various nations of Poland and Australia, and how her experiences there differed. My family background is Polish and Australian, so I knew a lot about both cultures and the traditions associated with both. Pretty much...
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    General Thoughts: English Advanced Paper 2

    It was alright. I'm not a very fast writer, so I only managed to write 5 pages for Mod A and B , and 6 for Mod C. I don't understand how people are able to write 8 pages sometimes !? Anyway, the Mod A question was alright but, the "passion" part of the question, for Gatsby and Barrett Browning...
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    Facebook Deactivation

    I have had my Facebook activated for the entire duration of Year 12. I often use it to procrastinate, but it is all about self-control and when I feel like I've been on it for too long, I force myself off. Sure, it may be a distraction sometimes, but it isn't that bad. My year group often uses...
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    How are you organising your work for year 12?

    I've got various folders, for past exam papers and assessments, for study notes, for worksheets I've been given in class, and for University/ATAR/applications, etc. My study notes folder is divided according to specific subjects as well, and so are the other folders, divided in specific subjects.
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    Roll Call: Class of 2014

    Hey everyone (: I'm doing: Advanced English, Extension 1 English, Modern History, Legal Studies, Music 1, Studies of Religion 2 Unit Aiming for 85+ I'd love to do Music at Sydney Conservatorium, or UNSW next year. I want to study Music/Education or Music/Arts to become a Secondary school...
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    ATAR ESTIMATE please

    From my calculation, you'll probably get around 80-90. Marks can change A LOT though, so it might be higher, depending on how your HSC exams go. Good Luck :)
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    ATAR Estimate

    Re: Leaked xxx pics of katy perry, kim kardashian, and the hot girl from your school Based on your trial marks, you're getting an atar around 65. BUT, since your ranks are high in comparison to your grade, you might get a bit higher. However, I don't think you'll reach 80, unless you get 90+ in...
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    Predictions for Speeches Module B question?

    I've heard a LOT of rumours that it will the Sadat, because they haven't had a male for a few years AND it is extremely relevant to our current society with the Syrian conflict, etc.
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    How would you like to be approached?

    I like when a guy approaches me with confidence, but not TOO MUCH CONFIDENCE. Don't be one of this douche bags who approach a girl with some stupid pick up line or a sex joke or remark about her body/boobs, etc. Just say something simple like "Hey I'm ____. You look really cute." Something nice...
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    Only 17 when Schoolies is on...

    I'm going to schoolies with a group of friends. There are 8 of us going together and 4 of us will be 17, 4 will be 18. Most of the 17 year olds won't be using fake IDs or anything, just going to the non-schoolies parties and stuff that goes on and just hanging out on the beach and theme parks...
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    Booking through Schoolies.com or directly through hotel?

    My group of friends booked directly with a hotel - wayyyyy cheaper. BUT, we're not going to the schoolies parties, etc. We can get into some but not all, because we didn't book directly with schoolies.
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    Australian Institue of Music

    You could always catch a train there and back every day. Lots of people do that.
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    Jump from year 10 to year 11

    Year 11 is a huge jump. I was an emotional mess in Year 11, because I wasn't used to the pressure and workload yet, in comparison to year 10. When I got to Year 12, it wasn't that big of a jump from Year 11, just more pressure. But yeah, Year 10-11 is a huge jump. Don't let it stress you though...
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    If I get these ranks is 90+ atar possible

    90 is possible, but it also depends on your marks. To get 90, you generally need marks of 85-90ish in most of your subjects. Just do your best in everything - aim for the highest that you possibly can! Good Luck.
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    Subject choices for year 12

    I would drop either hospitality or biology, because they're your worst marks. However, your ranks are also important, BUT hospitality and biology doesn't scale toooo well. I would also think of what career you want or what course you want to do in uni next year, because some courses have...
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    Opinion: Can I get 96? :)

    Wow, they are absolutely AMAZING marks! 97 for advanced english? That is crazy!
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    ATAR estimate? Please, anyone? :3

    Thank you so much for that! :) If anyone else has a differing opinion, or anything to add at all, please do so. x