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  1. WeiWeiMan

    Is this how the HSC work?

    wait nvm I'm pretty sure if you're ranked last the thing u said is correct
  2. WeiWeiMan

    Is this how the HSC work?

    no https://www.nsw.gov.au/education-and-training/nesa/hsc/exams-and-marking/assessment-moderation https://www.nsw.gov.au/education-and-training/nesa/hsc/results-and-certificates/determining-results
  3. WeiWeiMan


    12/06 Nothing
  4. WeiWeiMan

    2024 HSC Chat

    are you a poet
  5. WeiWeiMan

    Looking for BoS trial volunteers

    volunteers aren't paid
  6. WeiWeiMan

    is this paper's source really a certified school

    those 10 mcq's rly aren't that difficult compared to selective schools/hsc
  7. WeiWeiMan

    Inverse Trig Question - Year 11 Maths Ext 1

    tan^-1(√2-1)+tan^-1[(1-(√2-1))/(1+√2-1)] =π/4 tan^-1(√2-1)+tan^-1[(2-√2)/√2]=π/4 tan^-1(√2-1)+tan^-1(√2-1)=π/4 2tan^-1(√2-1)=π/4 tan^-1(√2-1)=π/8
  8. WeiWeiMan

    2024 HSC Chat

    nah it's like top 99% of the population
  9. WeiWeiMan

    best med uni?

    im going uts med
  10. WeiWeiMan

    best med uni?

    med is med
  11. WeiWeiMan

    Application of complex numbers question

    w is a solution to z^3=-1 z^3+1=0 sum of roots =-b/a=0 -1+w-w^2=0 (6w+1)(6w^2-1) =36w^3+6w^2-6w-1 =-36 - 6(-1+w-w^2)-6-1 = -43-0 = -43
  12. WeiWeiMan


  13. WeiWeiMan

    Inequality Proof

    probably a,b,c > 0 and a≠b≠c since this looks like an application of AM/HM rearranged a bit consider (a+b+c)(1/a+1/b+1/c) > 9 (a+b)(1/a + 1/b) > 4
  14. WeiWeiMan


  15. WeiWeiMan


  16. WeiWeiMan

    Can one of you guys give me a quote for my yearbook

    You can't add days to your life, but you can add life to your days.
  17. WeiWeiMan

    the tate bros

    do you happen to also be 6'6